A Day in the Life

One day something happens. It happens in a High School. This High School is in a small town named Drallen. Drallen is in Scotland, and Scotland is on Earth...
As often as possible I will update this with different points of view on what happened that fateful day. There are 1503 pupils in this school. This Movella is an exercise in character and I will use it to create 3D people, people you believe could exist. Please comment and tell me what you think.
I will be inviting others to co-author this and create their own characters too!
I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to make your own entries in the group 'A Day in the Life.' They could be posted on this Movella.


1. The Queen Bee

I wake up bright and early, 6:15am. Everyone at school thinks I wake up at quarter to eight, that’s what I tell them. They think I just roll out of bed looking beautiful.

I had my shower last night and put into lots of little plaits to go to sleep in. I went to bed early, 9pm, in preparation for this morning. Bags under the eyes are not a good look.

Breakfast is last in my list of priorities. First there is checking that no creases have developed in my carefully laid out outfit and applying a home-made face mask. That stays on for 15 minutes while I paint my nails, toes and fingers.

Once I have dried my nails (with my gorge monkey nail dryer) I peel off the face mask. The few remaining scraps of it I wash off with my face cloth. Now I can have breakfast – a slice of brown toast with olive spread and a banana.

Then I brush my teeth, put in my mouthwash. I swirl that around in my mouth while I carefully undo each little hairsprayed plait.

Gargle gargle gargle and spit!

Now for my make-up. Concealer, mascara, lip-gloss. All of it has to look as natural as possible.

Even once all that is done I can’t rest. I have to pack my bag so that nothing gets crumpled. God help me if I ever forgot one of my jotters or ruined one of my projects.

The cat needs feeding, my sister’s wet the bed. I have to help help help.


I update my Facebook, Twitter and all the other crap I belong too. Then there’s the fact that I have to text all my friends and change my phone back. I rotate them so it always seems like i have a new one. The fact Mum never notices when i borrow hers helps too.

Soon I’m out the door.

Halfway there.

On my iPhone.

Meet Sasha and Megan and Kelly and Annabel and JK and Sam and Jack at the school gate.

Then Chris turns up and I am very happy the lip-gloss I’m wearing is non-transferable. Damn that boy kisses good.


First Period.

Second Period.

Break. Some guy accidentally brushes up against me when he walks past. Chris accuses him of trying to steal his girl.

The fight starts.

I stand there like a cat who got the cream. I am so important. I am the most important. No-one is cared about more than me. The early nights and mornings are worth it.

Third Period.

Fourth Period.

Lunch. Everyone gets a Greggs. I nibble at my sausage roll and throw it in the bin when nobody’s looking. Then I grab a punnet of strawberries from Tesco’s and eat them all by myself. Chris feeds me some of them, with a great dirty smile on his face while I suck away at the big red juicies.

Fifth Period. The fire alarm goes off while I’m in the toilets. I don’t bother getting up for a minute. What’s the point? It’s just a drill.

But I can smell something. It’s getting closer. I walk out the door. Everything is in flames.

It creeps up my body, starting at my feet. Why didn’t I listen when the first aid people came? What do I do? It was stop and then something else. Two more things. But I can’t remember them.

I don’t think Sixth Period is happening today. Not for me, anyway.

And as the flames engulf me, claiming my life something comes back to me. Something important.

Stop. Drop. And Roll.

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