Daydreams and Feathers

Amy has got her place at fashion college, but nothing else is going to plan. She has no money, no free time and no boyfriend. To top it all off, she is expected to look after her bereaved friend Heather. Can Amy keep a cool head when the heat is up high? Can her friendship with Heather survive? But most of all - will she get her fashion degree?


3. Money, Money, Money

The phone rings at half past seven. It's our third day in the flat, and we just finished our second of college.

I can hear Steve crashing along the top floor of the flat towards the landline. We only have one and Steve was left responsible for it. I am responsible for answering the door.


I don't hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying, but from Steve's drawled, un-sure 'oks' I can tell it’s not good. Steve's stressed 'But we only JUST moved here' is the icing on the cake.

He listens for a while longer and then says "Nine tonight? We were going to go out."

A little more listening and then the beep of the phone cutting out.  Steve runs down the stairs pretty quickly.

"They're putting the rent up to almost double what we were told it would be. They'll be coming round at nine tonight to talk with us."

I raise my eyebrows but say nothing. We should have known it wouldn't last. A place as good as this is hard to come by, they know that we won't want to let it go.

"Is that even legal?" says Steve.

"No idea."

Ergo we can do nothing about it. We're just going to have to get a higher paid job or work overtime. My waitressing and Steve's place at McDonald's isn't going to be enough to sustain this flat at the new rate.

We lie about restless until nine, tidying and designing and watching TV. I think about texting Heather, asking her for advice but I change my mind. She's going through enough at the moment and she also has zero experience living on her own and looking after herself.

The clock strikes nine and the landlord arrives with exact punctuality.

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