Daydreams and Feathers

Amy has got her place at fashion college, but nothing else is going to plan. She has no money, no free time and no boyfriend. To top it all off, she is expected to look after her bereaved friend Heather. Can Amy keep a cool head when the heat is up high? Can her friendship with Heather survive? But most of all - will she get her fashion degree?


2. Amy's Diary #1

Today was the first day of Fashion College.

Steve and I walked into the building together, but we hadn't gone all of the way as a pair. Christian had chummed Steve - reluctantly I may add. He's always hesitant to be seen in public with Steve. They haven't even held hands out in the open. I know it bothers Steve but he's not the complaining sort.

Steve tried to hug Christian goodbye but it ended in an awkward back-slap. The look on his face was so obviously full of hurt; of course Christian chose to ignore it. Finally, they parted ways. Wordlessly Steve walked over to me.

Once we were inside we headed to the lecture room we'd been instructed to go to. Apparently all we newbie fashion students were going to meet up there. It was the sort of place where you realise that everyone sitting near you is going to either become a member of your 'circle of friends' or be your arch enemy. Know what I mean?

Steve and I sat to the left side of the room, the middle is always for the kids who're all 'I'm too good for this course'.  Sitting on either side of us were the following:

·         Megan, deffo a new friend of mine

·         Drake, a male fashion student, oddly straight?

Drake huffed and puffed an awful lot; I'm still not really sure why he even took the fashion course. He's so obviously not into it. Megan on the other hand is seriously enthusiastic. She was sat next to Steve so I didn't get to talk to her much, but she seems awesome. I was stuck with Drake making ridiculous sarcastic faces at everything Mr Adams (our lecturer) said.

The rest of the day wasn't greatly exciting. Design workshops, fashion history and the like. I won't bore you with it.

A few facts though:

·         Drake is in all of my 'classes'

·         Megan and Steve are in approximately zero of them!  

There were some ok girls in my class but they had already made friends with each other and I was stuck sitting next to Drake. He said a few funny comments but for most of the lessons and workshops he looked bored. Almost like he was going to fall asleep.

Note to self: Must ask Drake why he took fashion course...

That's basically it for the day. I've got to do some designs and stuff to suck up to the professors and show off to the other students!  

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