I should've kissed you

Why is everyone so excited about 1D? I don 't get it their just a boy band? All of my friends are crazy about them i actually don 't know why?


3. Wake Up!Part 2

•••Emily's P.O.V•••

"It's time to get up! Emily,Emily,EMILY!" I wake up to a lush smell of a Mcdonalds breakfast

"Mmm whats that smell?" I sit up as Olivia and Lauren come in with a tray of Mcdonalds on it

"Tuck in " Lauren says putting it on the table

"Yum thanks girls, this was an amazing sleepover! We should go in the pool after!"

Everyone looked at me and started giggling,

"What?" Olivia grabbed a napkin and wiped my face

"Your so messy!" Then I had an amazing idea

"Let's go to the beach!"

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