I should've kissed you

Why is everyone so excited about 1D? I don 't get it their just a boy band? All of my friends are crazy about them i actually don 't know why?


12. The Volleyball

°°°Nialls P.O.V°°°
I ran over to Harry panting and puffing "Hey..Wheres Liam and Louis?" He pointed at the sea "Playing beachball with two girls over there"I looked over as I got rugby tackled to the ground "Hah Niall I got you now!" I looked up at Zayn sat on me, I picked up a hand full of sand and was about to throw it at him until Harry split us up "Guys! Stop it!" He said lifting us up as a volleyball rolled towards us "Sorry!" Shouted a girl coming towards us, She was beautiful with long blonde hair I picked up the ball "Hey its alright" I said handing the ball to her "Thanks, Hey do you want to come and play?" Me and Zayn looked at eachother then Harry answered for us "Okay we will be over in a moment"
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