I should've kissed you

Why is everyone so excited about 1D? I don 't get it their just a boy band? All of my friends are crazy about them i actually don 't know why?


14. The Sea

°°°Louis's P.O.V°°°
I hit the ball to the girls "So what are your names? " One of them swam over to the ball "Im Emily and that 's Lauren " Lauren smiled and waved to us Liam looked at me with a cheeky smile and mouthed "Shes mine " I laughed as Emily threw the ball at my head "Oh my gosh sorry! " She said swimming over to me I started laughing hysterically "Are you okay?"I looked up at her,She was beautiful "Uh yeah thanks I smell food want to go over? " I looked around "Okay im quite hungry and its getting dark" We all swam back to everyone and wrapped up in towels "Hey guys I got an idea!" Harry said standing up "Camp fire! " We all said yes and went to collect wood.
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