I should've kissed you

Why is everyone so excited about 1D? I don 't get it their just a boy band? All of my friends are crazy about them i actually don 't know why?


10. The boys

•••Jess's P.O.V•••

"Hey girls don 't those boys look really familiar?" Emily said looking over at them, I looked at them and I couldn 't believe my eyes "It 's One Direction..Oh my god" I said looking at them "Oh my god seriously?You better not be kidding!"Olivia said dropping the volleyball, Katy looked at Olivia "Their just a boy band that was on the X factor oh well, Let 's play volleyball" Olivia turned to Katy "Just a boyband.. You think their just a boyband my god Katy are you okay? Their gorgeous!" Lauren looked at me "We should go over, but i want to go swimming first anyone coming?" Emily walked over to us "Yeah I 'll come, Let 's bring the beachball!"

"I started shuffling back "Nah im going to get the picnic"
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