I should've kissed you

Why is everyone so excited about 1D? I don 't get it their just a boy band? All of my friends are crazy about them i actually don 't know why?


11. Swimming

•••Emily's P.O.V•••
Me and Lauren took our clothes off into our bikinis and ran into the sea with our beachball, "Its freezing!" I said splashing about, Lauren laughed at me "Its fine come on lets play beachball!" I threw the beachball and the wind launched it in another direction and hit a boy in the sea "Oh my gosh im so sorry it was the wind!"I shouted as he turned around,Oh my god its Louis Tomlinson!!! "Thats alright" He shouted and came towards me.Lauren looked at me with a massive smile as he came up to me and passed the ball. "Hey can we join in?" He said with his gorgeous smile as Liam Payne came swimming behind him "Yeah okay"I say smiling to him.
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