Blitzburn's rider

Blitzburn, the blazing dragon, had to leave the battle of the dragons, and find a rider. Where he expected a man, he found only a boy... But the boy of the prophecy...


3. Prophecy

The child of the prophecy is standing there. Blitzburn knows it. How else could the boy have sensed him through a cloud, won the tournament, and passed all the dragon riding tests that he must have finished to get into the tournament? The prophecy rings in his ears...

One of young age shall pass the test

Of dragon riders he is the best

On a blazing dragon he will ride

Into battle and earn his pride

If he fails, every dragon dies

And if he wins, all dragons rise.

Blitzburn blinks. Did Emberrose known about this? About him, finding the child of the prophecy? He is supposed to ride into battle on a blazing dragon... Blitzburn has flames all over him... So could the prophecy be talking about him and the boy?

"Come on, dragon! Come down, I know you're there!" the boy calls again. Blitzburn dives down from the clouds, his burning wings lighting up the arena as he prepares to land.

"So then, boy, you are now one of those I can choose as my rider?" Blitzburn asks, though he already knows the answer. His claws scrape across the arena floor, and the boy grins.

"Yeah." His eyes study the dragon, like he's deciding if he's going to be his rider or not.

"Okay then, get on my back. You have to train for a day, and then we've got a battle to win. So, like I said, get on my back. You're my rider now. And, um, I forgot to ask... what's your name? I'm Blitzburn." Blitzburn says. He is nervous - people are crowding around him and the arena makes him feel trapped.

"Battles? Training? Dragons? Sweet. I'm Kyros. Now, lets go. I can tell - you don't like it here." Kyros climbed onto Blitzburns back with agile little leaps. He laughed, and Blitzburn took off.

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