Blitzburn's rider

Blitzburn, the blazing dragon, had to leave the battle of the dragons, and find a rider. Where he expected a man, he found only a boy... But the boy of the prophecy...


1. Prolouge

Helpless riders fall from the sky, their dragons torn apart by vicious claws and fangs. Blitzburn half lands, half crashes, onto the rocks, dragging two with him. He drops them, ugly, green little creatures.

"Blitzburn!" a familiar voice yells. The red dragon shakflicks his tail, and searches the sky for the dragon elder - Emberrose. She swoops down from the sky, and snorts softly.

"Get into the Askaria, realm of the humans. Find a rider. Bring them here, and save the dragons!" she commands him.

"No!" he yells defiantly. "I do not run from fights. You know that already, Emberrose." the young male dragon tells her, with a sharp glint in his eyes. The dragon he calls Emberrose spreads her wings again, and you could see each scar and each drop of blood on her white scales.

"Go now, Blitzburn. Or the dragons are going to be wiped out. We can hold the Feragon gates for at least three days. But try to hurry - the longer you are gone, the more dragons they will tear frfom the skies... So hurry, Blitzburn. Hurry, or there will be no hope. This is not running from battle. This is saving a city. Remember, you are not fleeing, you are saving." and then she dissapears into the battling dragon army again. Blitzburn looks wistfully at the battle one last time - it is what he's been trained for - and flies away, with no second glance.

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