Imagine waking up and not even knowing who you are

Imagine that five boys are looking down at you. Do you know them

Imagine having to read your own diary just to find out who you are

Is it a good thing or bad? Well for Scarlett it is good. Now with the help of Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall she can start a new life. She had nothing but now the boys can show her how much she means to them

I opened my eyes to a white room. “How are you love?” said the one with a stripy top. All five of the boys smile at me but I have no idea who they are or what are they doing here, or what I am doing here?
"Are you OK?” asked the blond one with worried eyes. I took all the strength to say “Three words, who am I?” and they all sighed.


1. Make a joke of it all

~Scarlett~ I paced back and forth on the top of the building. “Just do it Scarlett!” I yelled to myself. “Nobody wants you anyway; just jump and it will be over.” I walked up to the very edge and looked down at the passing cars. How had my life come this? I used to so happy and now I have nothing, I am nothing. If I just jump I will be gone, will anyone notice? I guess not. Here goes... Flashing lights in my mind Going back to the time Playing games in the street Kicking balls with my feet There’s a numb in my toes Standing close to the edge There’s a pile of my clothes At the end of your bed As I feel myself fall Make a joke of it all... And as I say all I fall to the ground, as the cars get closer to me and I hear someone yell “WAIT!!!” and then everything goes black...

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