It all started in 27

Tera is just a average girl. Her parents passed in a car crash, so now shes living with her sweet grandma trying to figure out what she will do with her life...


1. Rainy Day

<<<Tera's P.O.V >>>


I laced up my knock off steve madden boots and peeked my head around the door frame leading into the kitchen. "Bye Gran I'm off." My sweet grandma has taken care of me since I was ten when my parents died in a car crash. I was now almost 19 and looking for a way to get out of my town, I want to see the world. I have tried to get jobs everywhere but my dream is songwriting. I don't even care if I can perform, I just love to write. " Going for some more interviews?" My grandma asked. "Ya a big one today. the ideal job." I told her. "Would you like to take the car?" I shook my head. I hate taking the car because if my grandma has to leave the house for any reason, she can't. I have enough pocket money to get a cab. "Ok have fun" She smiled at me and I spun on my heel heading out the front door.

The cold wind hit my face making goose bumps form on my arm. It was really cold today!! And the clouds were forming like it might rain. I walked quickly and soon reached the crowded streets of downtown Chicago. I plugged in my neon green IPhone ear buds and put it on shuffle. The first song to play was Love Story by Taylor Swift. I felt a rain drop break on my nose and soon many were falling all around me. Shit! I still have about two miles to walk! Everyone was jumping into many cabs and I tried to hail one. The streets were starting to clear as the rain was pounding even harder. 

A giant van/cab pulled up to the sidewalk I was standing on. It was the only car that looked empty so I jumped in. "Where to?" The man asked me and I gave him the adress. The rain was now so bad that it was hard to see. He pulled onto the busy street, but soon we were on quieter streets. All of a sudden I heard hundreds of piercing screams. What the hell!? 

The car was coming around the corner, when all of a sudden a young man jumped in front of us. We were going slow so we didn't hurt him but it sure gave me a scare and a little whiplash. The driver rolled down the window, "What the hell are you lot doing?" He half screamed at the five good looking boys. Well i'm single... maybe he will offer them a ride. One of the taller boys with short hair stepped up. "Please sir! These crowds are chasing us! Please give us a ride!" He begged in a british accent.The driver glanced back at me and I nodded. 

Thats when at least fifty girls rounded the corner and started rushing to the cab. "Get in now!" The cab driver told them sternly and they quickly opened the door closest to me and jumped in, not even realizing i was there. " What the fuck!? Who's wearin Steve Maddens?" One of them yelled, I think he was the one on my lap and they all looked down, then slowly all there heads turn to me. By now we were driving, hopefully in the direction that my interview was , I might be late! "Who are you?" One asked, but he wasn't british? More Irish definitely. "Sorry, I'm just catching a ride to a job interview." I was looking down playing with the tassels on my purse, a blush warming my cheeks. "I hope we don't make you late." The one who took charge earlier told me. "No it's-" I started to say but the driver interrupted. "Where are you boys going to?" They all looked at each other. "We don't know the adress." The curly haired one said. " Ya someone lost the adress slip." Another one with short hair said pointing at the one who had jumped in front of the car. He had black hair and the most dreamy eyes I have ever seen.

"I'm sorry ok!" He told the other one. He just rolled his eyes,crossed his arms and stared out of the window. I Just kept my head down and turned back on my IPod. These guys have to be famous, I thought. Hundreds of girls just don't chase around five normal guys, even if they are this hot.

<<< Zayn's P.O.V>>>

Well this has just been weird. I jumped in front of the first Taxi I saw, since it wasn't going fast. Then Liam talked to the driver and he let us in just as the fans turned the corner. They had been chasing us since the hotel, and I thought we were going to loose Niall a few times. Once we were in the cab I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her eyes were a stormy grey, I have never seen a color like that. Her hair was a deep brown that had some lighter parts but also darker parts, it flowed perfectly to about the mid of her back.Her eyebrows were shaped perfectly and her makeup was done lightly, not like most of the sluts that try and impress us. 

I could tell she wasn't the richest person, all of her clothes were knock offs. Clearly she doesn't know who we are. Right now she was looking down and listening to music. I wanted her so bad! My phone buzzed, Message from Niall: Look at this chick, she's so hot!. Shit Niall! You ass I call her. Message to Niall: She's mine! I call her. I sent it and heard his phone buzz. He read quickly then looked up glaring at me. He typed quickly. Message from Niall: fu shes mine. He slammed down his phone and so did I.

"So... whats your name?" Niall asked her making me jealous as hell. She looked up, startled that we were talking to her. "Oh..its umm... Tera." She stuttered out. We pulled up in front of a building. She opened the door and jumped out giving a little wave as she ran up the steps to the big building. The driver put the car in drive and was about to pull out when Liam shouted, "WAIT!"


( Hey guys!!!! Ok I don't know if anyone will read this but if you do I will love you forever! Also could you please help spread this around? I tried writing a different story on a different web site, but it didn't go to well. Let me know if you don't like this book and why and same if you like it :) Love you all <3              xxx    Tess

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