There is Only One Direction, and I'm Heading in the Right One.

A 14 year old girl named Caity wakes up in a hospital after a long night that she might regret. Later, she meets 5 boys that have a large impact on her life. She develops special relationships with each of the boys. Drama goes down, decisions have to be made, feelings change, and relationships are on the rocks...

constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated! :)


13. You Did What?!

Niall's P.O.V. More? There's more?! I just let out a long sigh... I put my hand firmly on Caity's upper thigh. "Please tell me, my Caity Cat?" She was nervous, I could feel her tense up in my arms... I was bracing myself for the worst. Caity's P.O.V. I was extremely nervous; I hoped he didn't notice.

Okay Caity, just tell him. Don't beat around the bush. Just come out with it. I silently gave myself a pep talk... "Harry kissed me and Zayn wrote me a poem with flowers!" I blurted it out without a thought about how I was going to word this. I guess that this is what my heart wanted to say, my heart disregarded everything my brain wanted.

Niall immediately turned pale. All color from his face vanished. "I talked to Harry and he now knows how I feel about you, it's Zayn I haven't talked to yet. I have been too afraid to face him.." my voice trailed off. I was shaking like a leaf. Niall, all of a sudden, got really hot. He quickly stood up and basicly ran back to the house. "Niall! It's not his fault! Come back!" Niall's P.O.V. I couldn't control my actions. My feet took me to where my heart wanted to go, but definitely  not where my brain wanted to go. It all happened so fast... "hey Niall, vas happe-" My fist punched him in the mouth before he could finish.

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