There is Only One Direction, and I'm Heading in the Right One.

A 14 year old girl named Caity wakes up in a hospital after a long night that she might regret. Later, she meets 5 boys that have a large impact on her life. She develops special relationships with each of the boys. Drama goes down, decisions have to be made, feelings change, and relationships are on the rocks...

constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated! :)



Skylar's P.O.V.

I haven't seen Caity since she was in the hospital... I really miss her and I am worried. I haven't heard from her. I thyink I should call her. After 3 beeps...




"Where are you? everyone is worried!" I lied...

Caity's P.O.V.

I knew she was lying... but she's a good friend. Niall had just left me and went into the house, i hope he didn't do anything stupid.

"Sorry I haven't called..."

"It's okay, I'm just glad that you are alright!"

"haha yeah, I'm good."

"where are you staying?"

"I'll tell you later. you should come by sometime!"

"omg! I can't wait to see you!"

"ditto. well, i gotta go."

"oh, okay... take care."


I was glad to get a call from Skylar, I just needed to find Niall before he does something he might regret... 

"Caity, what the hell?!" Harry was yelling at me.

"what did I do?" Harry was really starting to get on my nerves... "what happened to Zayn?!?"

"uigrouhfinejkrqhpuaibdfs" was pretty much what Zayn could manage to say... we all rushed to his side.

"Zayn, who did this to you?" Liam calmly asked.

"naaaaaahhhhll." did he just say "Niall"? oh no! i was too late... Where is he? Why? How? What? I have a headache...

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