There is Only One Direction, and I'm Heading in the Right One.

A 14 year old girl named Caity wakes up in a hospital after a long night that she might regret. Later, she meets 5 boys that have a large impact on her life. She develops special relationships with each of the boys. Drama goes down, decisions have to be made, feelings change, and relationships are on the rocks...

constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated! :)


14. The Blame Game.

Louis' P.O.V.

"vas happe-" THUD

"Liam, did you hear that?"

"yeah, what was that?"

"I don't know, it sounded like Zayn..."

We both took off in the direction of the sound. There, we saw Zayn laying on the ground. He was definitely unconscious and bleeding. 

"Louis, what do we do?!?" Liam shouted at me.

"Me?!? Why are you asking me?!?"

"Your mum is a nurse! What are we supposed to do?" Liam was freaking out at this point...

My instincts took over. With the help of Liam, we carried Zayn over to the couch. I propped his head up and wiped the blood from his face. 

"who do you think did this?"

"well, it wasn't me and it wasn't you. It obviously wasn't Zayn... so, it was either Harry or Niall. Caity would do no such thing."

"well, neither would Niall! unless he touched his food..."

We both chuckled a little at that mental image. Harry came strutting into the room.

"jeez, what did you guys do, jump him?" so it wasn't Harry...

"we walked in and saw him like this, it was either Niall or Caity..."

"it HAD to be Caity. I don't trust her..."

what was Harry's problem?

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