There is Only One Direction, and I'm Heading in the Right One.

A 14 year old girl named Caity wakes up in a hospital after a long night that she might regret. Later, she meets 5 boys that have a large impact on her life. She develops special relationships with each of the boys. Drama goes down, decisions have to be made, feelings change, and relationships are on the rocks...

constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated! :)


10. So Right, Yet So Wrong.

Harry backed off because I confronted him about how I saw him. He understood and we hugged it out.

As for Zayn... He had been avoiding me and I really couldn't face him. He was still blistering mad. I saw him making breakfast a few days after the incident and I promised myself that it was now or never... "Zayn Jawaad  Malik, I need to have a chat with you..." he slowly turned around to face me. He was shirtless and had just worked out. The sweat dripping down his chest was glistening in the early light of the sun. He came closer.

I pulled my eyebrows closely together to show my anger. Zayn looked at me and smiled at my anger and confusion. He grabbed me by the shoulders and held me close. I didn't want him to, but I didn't want him to stop. I tried to push him away, I thought about Niall. "Caity Anne Blake, I need to have a chat with you as well..." as I was about to speak, he held my chin and kissed me. I fought with myself; I liked it but knew it was wrong. I pushed Zayn away and ran down the hall. "whoa, what's wrong love?" I had crashed into Niall. "ummm..." "Caity?!?" Zayn was calling after me. "Caity, I'm sorry!" "for what?" Niall's eyes were stern and questioning. "Niall, come with me..." I took Niall off somewhere to be alone. "Niall... I don't want to keep secrets anymore." "what is it babe?" "well, a lot actually." as a tear streamed down my cheek, Niall saw my weakness. He just pulled me in for a hug and we sat like this for the rest of the day. I wondered if I would be able to tell Niall, about everything... From my scars, to my family, to my near death experience, and about Harry and Zayn.... I will tell him. Just not today.

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