Seeing beautiful in 2 ways

Chloe is a sweet girl living in a shack. Brandon is a rich boy living in a mansion. Of course, Chloe has a crush on Brandon. But stangely, Brandon likes her! But why?


4. Lunch with a popstar

After Cassie got Brandon, Chloe lead them to her shack. " Okay just sit and watch our tv while I cook some lunch." She left and went into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Brandon and Cassie were having a conversation. " Brandon you should totally go out with her. She is so sweet!" Cassie said. Brandon said," She is sweet but I don't need the fans and talk shows and interviews right now. I just want a normal life." Cassie got angry." In a normal life there is love okay bro? If you don't do it now things will start to turn ugly!" Chloe entered and said," I made Pizza and brownies. Enjoy!" They all ate and talked and had fun. "You know," Brandon said." We should do this often. It was great meeting you Chloe but me and Cassie gotta run. But come buy at 6:00. We all can hangout again!"
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