Seeing beautiful in 2 ways

Chloe is a sweet girl living in a shack. Brandon is a rich boy living in a mansion. Of course, Chloe has a crush on Brandon. But stangely, Brandon likes her! But why?


2. Cookie Delivery Goes Wrong

The next morning Chloe stayed outside and watched Brandon move into his wonderful mansion. At one moment Brandon glanced over at Chloe. He winked and went inside. "OMG! Rachel is was amazing! Who would've thought Rich Brandon was wink at someone as poor as me?" Rachel thought for a bit." We need to hook you up with him! First, let's give him some cookies!" Chloe and Rachel backed some chocolate cookies. "Okay. Now walk up to his house and deliver the cookies." Rachel said. Chloe walked up to his house."I have to face my fears." Chloe thought. She knocked at the door. It opened and a GIRL was there!
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