A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


3. The wait

The next day finally came. Kerry decided to go early that day. Her long red hair that went up to her waist was curled. She had casual clothes on. Dark blue jeans, with a pink top on that said in big bold yellow words 'If your reading this then I love you'. She also wore red convers shoes that matched her silky hair. Kerry knew she didn't had to wear make up because Jake was the one who always made her feel secure and feel good.
"I'm going out mum!" She cried, remembering to put her ring on. Kerry slowly crept down stairs, hoping her mum wouldn't notice her ring. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she moved her blue eyes to the left then to the right to see if anyone was coming. It was clear, so she quickly made her move running to wards the door. She reached her right hand to pull the handle.
"Oh no" she whispered to herself. The door was locked. "Eh-erm!" The voice behind her coughed. Kerry quickly placed her left hand in her pocket, then she slowly turned around. Her dad was wright behind her holding the key up in his left hand.
"Looking for this?" He asked, shaking the key. Kerry nervously laughed and smiled. "Hi dad" She replied with a nervous tone. Her dad raised his left eye brow up. "Well is it a yes or a no?" he asked, as if he was speaking to a three year old.
"Um... Yes" Kerry replied, swallowing the air.
Her dad's eyes slowly moved down where Kerry's left hand was. Oh no, please don't ask please don't she thought in her head. Then her dad slowly opened his mouth. This is it, she thought again.
"Be careful out there" he said, handing her the key. "Phew!" Kerry said out loud without realising it. "Why so relieved?" He asked. Kerry quickly took the key off her dad's hand. "Nothing" she replied, quickly opening the door and running out.
Her dad nodded his head. "Teenagers these days" he said to himself.
Kerry came 5 minutes early up the hill. She sat there taking deep breaths in and out. Kerry was so relieved. There, she waited for Jake.
It was now 30 minutes late and Jake was still not there. Maybe he is going to be late she thought. So she waited and waited. As she waited she pulled some flowers up and made a bracelet out of it. There was no sign of Jake.
Kerry continued to wait, as she waits and waits, she picks up a rock and see how far it'd go. The rock went 2 foot up the air. Then she hit someone's car. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
Kerry quickly got up and ran back home. She was disappointed that night because Jake did not arrived but she wasn't determined to give up. Kerry continued to wait the next day, still Jake did not arrived. Kerry even send him a text through her phone. He did not even reply to a text.
Every evening she would wait for him but he would not come. She waited for him 10 days straight and 3 hours but nothing was there, not a single person or note.
Then she got bored and stopped coming. Kerry was lying on her bed reading through her texts. She was reading the conversations she had with Jake. Kerry began to miss him even more.
Then all of a sudden she received a text. It was from Jake. Kerry was not expecting to receive any text from him at all. It read...
'Hey babes, sorry that I've not been seeing you for 10 days straight'
Kerry began to smile.
'Hey darling, how are you? Where have you been? I missed you so much! :)'
She replied. Jake did not reply. Kerry began to feel bad and guilty but did not know why. Then...
'Meet me up the hill, same time, I promise I'll be there'
He finally replied
Then she pressed send.

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