A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


6. The truth

Chapter 6

The truth

It was another rainy and dull day. The streets were filled with puddles of rain, it looked as if it was going to flood. Kerry had just arrived to school from the bus. She forgot her umbrella so she used her books instead to cover her head. Then quickly ran inside but before she got there she was already soaking wet. The floor was wet from the water that dripped from Kerry's clothes and hair. No one was strangely around, she thought she was just late so she quickly went to her locker, opened it, and put her wet books inside to dry. Kerry was just about to go inside her class when she suddenly saw a group of people crowding around someone's locker. Some were crying, some were holding roses and candles, and some were carrying a rosary and prayed. Kerry was confused and had no idea what was going on. She decided to see what was going on.


"Excuse me" she whispered, trying to get through. Everyone gloomily starred at her as if they knew something that she did not. Soon they all stepped back crowding Kerry and the locker. Kerry was surprised to see the roses around the locker and candles on the floor. There was a photo of someone stucked on the locker. It was Jake but what was a photo of Jake doing there? One of her friends stepped forward with a white rose on both her hands. "What's going on?" Kerry curiously asked. Her friend was suddenly surprised. "You haven't herd?" She said, dropping the rose. "What?" Kerry cried, stepping back as people watched her.


"It's about your ex boyfriend Jake... 3 weeks ago he was sick... Very sick... So he had to go to the hospital again for the second time... He didn't have much to live because he had..." Her friend sobbed, she didn't have enough strength to tell Kerry the full story. "What? What did he have?" Kerry curiously asked, suddenly feeling guilty. Her other friend then stepped forward... "He had cancer... He recently just died 3 weeks ago, I'm very sorry" She gloomily explained.


There were no words to discribe how Kerry felt that day... Just put yourself in Kerry's position and see how you would feel... Kerry's heart just sank...


The truth was that Jake did not want Kerry to find out he had cancer because he loved her too much to ever pull that smile off her face. He knew that she would be upset if she'd find out, he loved her so much that it hurts to see her cry.


"I don't understand... I-I saw him yesterday in the mall. He even said he loves me! This can't be true!" Kerry cried, staring at everyone in the crowd as she crunched her hands. "Maybe you saw his ghost... Maybe he just wanted to say his last words to you before he had to go" her friend sobbed. "NO!! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!" She shouted, pulling all the roses down even the ones that people held. She pulled every rosary down and threw it on the ground. "NO!!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!!" She shouted. Her friend came up to her and hugged her. Kerry tried to push her away but she didn't have enough strength. Then she knelt down facing Jake's photo and was crying and whipping.


"This can't be true" she cried, with a calmer voice. Everyone saw her pain and understood how she felt. Soon silence filled the air... "Jake... Jake! Please come back! I'm so sorry Jake!" Kerry cried, trying to reach and touch his face. "I broke your promise! And I knew I should've told you the truth...! Please forgive me Jake! I'm so sorry" She sobbed. "I need you and I can't live without you!!!" Kerry shouted. Everyone's tears slowly fell from their eyes too.


Two of her friends came up to her and hugged her. "That's enough" her friend whispered, crying with her. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry" Kerry sobbed. Her friends stayed with her and cried with her. Everyone held hands and sang a very sad song for Jake, so he could rest in peace. That day there were no smiles on everyone's faces, sadness filled the air and broken memories of Jake haunted everyone's mind especially Kerry's mind.

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