A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


5. Forgetting

Jake's voice echoed in Kerry's mind. 'I don't need you anymore!' ...
The break up became a memory the haunted Kerry everyday slowly killing her inside like poison. Everyone did everything they could to make her stop crying... Her parents, her friends and even her kind neighbours but everyone failed.
Soon everyone began to get even more worried because Kerry refused to eat or drink anything, not even her favourite food.
Jake was the only one who could ever make her happy and now that he's gone, she couldn't live without him.
Then one day, Kerry was watching TV and was flipping through the channels, when she saw a channel called 'Forgetting'. She stopped pressing the bottom on the remote and decided to watch it.
There was a blonde woman, that was in her 30's, wearing professional clothes. She was the host of that channel. Kerry whipped her tears so she could see better. The woman was interviewing a teenage girl, who had been dumped by his boyfriend.
'So tell me about your ex boyfriend' the woman said. The girl was sobbing as she explained what her boyfriend was like.
Kerry turned the volume up a little and sat closer to the TV.
'Well sweetheart, what you need to do in a time like this is forget about him. I mean, I don't mean to sound harsh...' the woman smiled, gently tapping the girl's hand.
'But your just wasting your time thinking about this guy. He's dumping you because he thinks your not good enough and that your weak!' She cried. The girl began to cry helplessly.
'You need to show him that your not weak! That your strong and he's not worth it! You need to learn to live without him and move on! I know it's hard to move on especially in a time like this but you need to forget about him and enjoy being single!' The woman smiled...
Kerry turned the Telly off and began to realise that her life is more important. From that day on she changed and moved on. She finally realised that the break up was a blessing in disguise, it helped her learn how to move on without anyone and stand on her own two feet.
It wasn't easy to move on but she managed to by letting her friends and family help her. Kerry would now spend all her time mucking about with her friends and family, having a good time and enjoying life. Almost everyday she would come to her friends party and sleepovers, having a laugh and getting a little drunk at times.
Soon Kerry slowly began to forget Jake as time moved on. She slowly forgot the memories she had with him, the good and the bad ones...
It was now a month since the break up. Kerry was shopping in the mall with her friends.
"Oh look at that one!" One of her friends said, picking up a short purple dress with a diamond belt.
"Try it on. The fitting room is over there" Her other friend cried, leading the way. She just sat outside the shop waiting for them. "Are you coming, Kerry?" Her friend asked.
"I think I'll just stay here" Kerry replied. "Ok, won't be long" her friend smiled, holding her dress up.
Kerry smiled back and nodded her head. Kerry played with her phone to keep her busy.
Her batteries soon began to run out but her friends were still in there and Kerry was starting to feel bored. She then got up facing the window outside the shop. She could see her own reflection and started fixing her hair. Then all of a sudden she saw Jake's reflection. He was standing behind her.
Kerry couldn't move at first, and stood still like a statue. Jake looked very pale and gloomy like a ghost. He just stood there and starred at Kerry with his big green eyes.
"J-J-Jake?" She whispered. Jake slowly began to smile. "I love you" he whispered.
Kerry quickly turned around but Jake wasn't there, he suddenly vanished.
"Kerry, the dress was too small for me" her friend said, suddenly appearing. "I told her it wouldn't fit but she keeps forcing it to fit" her other friend replied rolling her eyes.
"Let's just go" her friend added, sighing. Two of her friends walked away and Kerry was following behind them. She couldn't believed what happened back there. Kerry thought about it again and again.
Was it just her imagination or was it really Jake?
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