A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


2. Broken Promise

That night Kerry and Jake couldn't stop thinking about each other. They both couldn't wait until the next day came. Kerry was lying on her bed looking at her diamond ring and smiled, knowing that Jake was the one who gave it to her. Kerry's heart was still beating fast that night.
As she looked at the ring, she couldn't help but notice that there was a writting around it and inside it. Kerry was about to read it, when all of a sudden someone knocked on her door. Kerry was shocked and she knew she had to hide the ring or otherwise her parents could think she stole it from someone and take it a way from her. So Kerry spontaneously took her ring off and hid it under her pillow. "Come in!" She cried, sitting on top of her pillow. The door slowly opened. It was her mum. "Time for dinner sweetheart" she smiled. "Ok, mum I'll be coming" Kerry replied, smiling back. "Don't be late" her mum added, finally closing the door. Kerry knew she wasn't suppose to take her ring off no matter what happened. She broke her promise but since Jake wasn't there, she thought that it wouldn't matter because Jake will never find out that she broke her promise, but what Kerry didn't know was that something was going to happen to Jake...
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