A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


4. Another broken heart

It was a very dull day. The sky was very grey as if it was going to rain. The weather made everything look so sad and so depressing. The air was cold.
Kerry came very late because she was very busy. Jake waited for her at the same place where he gave her the ring. Kerry was out of breath again but was so surprise that Jake was still there waiting for her, she thought that he'd probably left by then but she was wrong.
"Hi darling, I missed you so much" Kerry smiled, so happy to see him again. Jake did not reply though. He had his grey hoodie up and his head was facing down. All Kerry could see was his blonde hair that covered his face.
"Is everything ok?" Kerry asked, trying to get his head to look up.
Jake still did not reply. He slowly turned his face to the other direction. It was as if he was trying to hide his face from Kerry.
"I love you!" Kerry cried, knowing there was something wrong. Still Jake did not reply.
Soon it slowly began to rain...
Kerry was afraid to ask but she really wanted to know if he still loves her.
"Do you still love me?" She curiously asked, hoping he'd say yes.
It suddenly began to rain heavily. Kerry's long red hair turned darker as the rain drops fell at the bottom of her hair. Their clothes were soaking wet. Kerry was nerivously waiting for an answer.
"Kerry, I'm sorry your a really nice girl..." Jake coughed before he could finish his sentence.
"Jake are you-" She cried about to hug Jake.
"I'm dumping you" he cried before Kerry could finish her sentence. Kerry froze for a moment and couldn't move. Her heart began to crack like thin ice. She couldn't believe in what she was hearing.
"Wh-why?" She asked as tears slowly began to fall from her blue eyes. Jake slowly turned his whole body around facing away from Kerry.
"This can't be true!" Kerry cried.
"I met someone els! I don't need you anymore! So why don't you just do yourself a favour and forget about me!" Jake harshly shouted.
Soon Kerry's innocent heart snapped into pieces. She was just so speechless. The pain in her heart felt so real. It was as if she had been stabbed continuesly with a very sharp knife through her chest.
"No! This can't be true!" Kerry ran up to him and hugged his back, not wanting to ever let go. Jake tried to push her away but he didn't seem to have enough strength.
"I still love you Jake! I can't live without you! I'll do whatever you want me to do! Just please please don't give up on me!" Kerry cried still clinging on to Jake.
Jake then finally manage to push her a way. Kerry fell into the mud, she tried to get up but she didn't have enough strength.
"Don't you understand! I said I don't need you anymore!" Jake got up and ran away leaving Kerry to feel so cold and lost.
As Jake ran, one tear drop fell from his eye. Kerry couldn't stop crying. She loved him so much that it hurts watching him leave.
Soon her parents arrived and found her lying in the puddle sleeping. They wrapped her around with a warm blanket and took her home.
Every since Jake dumped her, she couldn't stop crying and thinking about him. Kerry wouldn't get out of her room nor ate anything, she wouldn't even speak to anyone and tell anyone what's wrong. Kerry just locked herself in her and cried. Every night she would try to call Jake but he wouldn't answer his phone.
It was the first time Kerry's heart have been broken.
She was slowly dying inside...
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