A little love story

Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...


7. 20 years later...

It was a beautiful day, everything looked so happy and lively. Children were riding on their bikes having a race, owners were playing fetch with their dogs, couples were holding hands, families were having a lovely picnic and neighbours were having barbieques. Where was Kerry?
Kerry was 37 years old now, she had two small wonderful kids named Alice and the youngest... Jake, a wonderful job, a big beautiful house and a wonderful husband.
Kerry was on holiday so she decided to go on a trip with her kids but her husband was at work so he couldn't come.
"Where are we going mommy?" Alice asked, playing with her dolls.
"To a very speacial place" she smiled. "Does that place have lots of dolls init, mommy? So I could play with the dollies" her daughter curiously asked. "You just need to wait, darling" Kerry laughed.
The car finally stopped and soon they got off and walked up a very tall hill.
"Let's sit" Kerry smiled, slowly sitting down.
Alice was busy playing with her dolls and Jake was sitting on his mum's lap. They watched the beautiful sunset.
"Mommy, what's this?" Jake asked, fiddling with Kerry's ring. Kerry looked down to see what he ment.
"Oh it's a ring, sweetheart" She explained.
"Did daddy gave it to you?" Alice curiously asked. Kerry shook her head and smiled.
"No, dear" she replied. "Who did?" Alice added.
"A very specially person gave this to me" Kerry said.
Jake slowly looked up to meet with Kerry's eyes. He was very confused.
"Mommy, what does this word say?" Jake asked, pointing at the words on the ring. Kerry was confused at first but suddenly noticed the words. She had thought she had never seen it before but she already had...
It read...
'If you break my promise, I will never see you again but I will always love you no matter what'
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