Jebus and da Devil: Our life and your times

So imma be Jebus and yous da devil. That just maybe started something. This book is about our funny stories together and how good mates we've become this past year. We hope you guys enjoy our little anecdotes and laugh until you can't breath. Don't stop breathing for too long though, we might have to pay you a visit...

P.S. Also, to those people out there who'll read this and think, "OH MY GOD, HOW DARE THEY?", stop. We're just normal girls with nicknames, they've developed and we even made a background to them, this book is meant to tickle your funny bones not rouse your anger. We're not disrespecting God or religion in any way, we're just sharing our funny stories, is that a crime? Don't hate please, just laugh :)


4. Come at me Bro!

Jesus is an always will be better than the devil. Why I hear you ask. Well I shall explain. Jesus invented Wikipedia. End of book.
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