The Lighthouse

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6. My Dearest Daughter Ruby

My Dearest Daughter Ruby,

I've never really told you the truth about your father. You always asked and I always pushed you away but now, I think I'm ready. 

I married your father in 1992. I was only nineteen, far too young, and he was twenty-three. He was charming, handsome and friendly- all the things I wished he was now. 

We had you about three years into our marriage. Everything was going perfectly but most good things in life, it didn't last. Your dad started staying at work later, sometimes not even coming home. He bought another mobile to receive calls on and everytime a call came through on that phone, he would rush out the room. He became so tired, forgetful and often aggressive. Everything was falling apart and I couldn't take it. I wanted it to stop, mostly for your sake.

One day, while we slept, his 'special' phone rang. I woke first and picked it up; a girl called Jasmine answered. I remember slamming the phone down in rage. Later on, while he was out, I rang his network to see just how many texts and calls he had made to that slag. 

47 calls and 68 texts in the last month. That's about twice a day that he spoke to her.

 I printed everything out and confronted him that afternoon and we rowed for hours. You probably don't remember, we sent you over to your friend's house while we  argued. He stormed out and down the road while I watched from the window. 

I remember seeing him stop halfway and look at something then he started running and kicking something on the ground. I rushed out and by his feet lay a pile of blankets and bags with a man wrapped in the middle. He stopped after a few minutes and turned back to the house. I met eyes with him and couldn't help but cry; my husband had turned into a monster. 

One of the neighbours called the police, not me, I just want you to know that. The man was found dead by a passer by two hours later and your father was arrested and trialled for murder.

I testified against him. I'm the reason he's where he is but I'm not sorry. He deserved it. 

The judges gave him twenty-five years in Montreal prison, the local one to us, but I protested against it. I just didn't want the hassle, Ruby, I didn't want you to visit him, I didn't want him have anything to do with you so I requested he be sent to The Island. 

That's why I didn't want you reading about it, Ruby. It's a place just north of Russia. It had a lot of water which I thought your father would like and they told me there was a high class, premium juvenile centre built in the centre so he would live in luxury, if you could call it that. 

So I agreed.

It wasn't until after that I found out Ruby, I promise. That day when you went camping with your school, I was sitting alone at home on your father's chair and the breaking news flashed up on the screen that the entire island had been submerged and any inhabitants had died. 

I cried for hours. I didn't want it to end like this. I didn't want him dead, I just didn't want him here.

When you find this letter Ruby, I won't blame you if you hate me but I want you to know, I did it for you, I did it because I loved you and as much as you dad is a liar, a cheat and a monster, he's not a murderer. He didn't kill that man. 

I did. 

It was an accident, I sware but no one saw it and everyone saw your dad so you can understand, in my moment of hate, why I blamed him. I went to see if the man was OK. He was lying still on the floor with his eyes shut and I feared he might be unconcious or worse. I leant over and put my hand on his heart to check his heartbeat but his wild eyes flashed open and his slimy fingers grabbed me. He wouldn't let go and I was scared, Ruby, so scared.

I grabbed his blanket with the other hand and pushed it into his face firmly. He struggled for about thirty seconds but eventually, his arm released mine and he lay lifeless against that cold, stone pavement.

It's been so hard living with the guilt of the fact that I walked away like nothing happened but I wanted your father away and I still believe it was for the best. You'll see.

I love you Ruby.


From your loving mother.



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