The Lighthouse

My entry for the picture prompt of the month :D Hope you like it...


3. My Dearest Daughter Ruby

My Dearest Daughter Ruby,

It's feels like an eternity since I was last with you. Your mother probably didn't tell you about me, about why I'm here, about her part in all this. I can imagine your innocent, bright face asking about me and your cold-hearted mother telling you I left. Like I had a choice.

I want you to know I didn't leave you. I could never leave you, I love you too much.

I remember one day as I sat in the leather couch after a tiring day of work, my eyes fluttered shut as the fire in front of me, basked me in its warmth. I remember you rushing in, just come home from school, and jumping into my lap. My tired eyes opened again to see your beautiful, lit face in my arms and we fell asleep together in that chair.

I want to apologise Ruby, about all the hurt and pain I've caused. About tearing our family apart. If Ryan was still alive, I would apologise to him for taking out my anger on someone who was just as innocent as I was. I'm sorry.

I'm not sure whether you'll ever receive these letters Ruby but I want you to know I love you with all my heart. 

You're my lighthouse.

I love you.


From your loving Father

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