The Lighthouse

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2. My Dearest Daughter Ruby

My Dearest Daughter Ruby,

I don't know what season it is back at home. Since coming here I've lost all sense of time and it doesn't help that it rains everyday around here. Pretty soon I'm sure this place will flood but that's the least of my troubles. Especially now the seagulls are back.

The seagulls are the only birds brave enough to come within two miles of The Island and they don't come around often. From the five years I've spent watching them, they only flock here when a ship arrives. I would presume the ship scares them off but it doesn't surprisingly; it draws them near.

When the seagulls arrive, so does another convict and more convicts are a clear sign of trouble. It means a bigger chance of people discovering my hiding place and even worse, the hunters are sure to come.

The hunters, another one of the the governments genius ideas, are killer animals who are released onto The Island when it gets too full. For ten years, The Island has been holding convicts and thousands have been sent out. Every time the Island hits one hundred, the hunters are released to kill anyone they find. Every new convicts means a bigger chance of the hunters returning. 

When I'm not thinking about death or you, I sometimes think back to the day of the accident.

The day that Ryan Wellington died. The night before, I had taken you to your recital. You had the main part in the play as the talking flower. It was one of the best nights of my life. It finished quite late in the evening and by the time we went for a meal and got back it was about midnight. I was late to work the next morning. My boss was giving me a hard time at work and made me work an extra two hours to make up for the twenty minutes I was late. When I got home, your mother was on my case accusing me of doing the dirty on her with someone at work. We argued for two hours straight. It got so loud, we sent you over to Megan's house until it had calmed down. 

I remember storming out the house swearing and shouting. I felt like the whole world was against me. There was a homeless guy sitting just along the street covered in blankets and holding a tin full of fluid.  He had saw the whole thing between me and your mum and he shouted, drunk and loudly, 

"Looks like you got some wife troubles, son. You don't want that, trust me you don't. Arguing leads to leaving and soon, you'll be out on the road like me and your pretty little daughter is out on some street corner, bringing all the money in. Don't worry though, I'd give her a go so bad, it'd pay your bills for a month" 

Fire ran through my veins, Ruby. I could not fathom to understand why he would talk about you, my precious little girl in such  a disgusting, demoralising way. Anger took hold of me and I pounced on him. I pinned him to the floor and started punching, I didn't stop once. Teeth flew out of his mouth, blood poured from his mouth as he lay underneath me. He never said a word, just laughed, he was asking for it. I stood up and looked down on what I'd done. He lay in a heap, still laughing hoarsely. Rage still flowed through me but I walked off, my heart full of pure disgust. 

As I turned back onto our driveway, your mother stood on the lawn staring at me, her eyes full of tears, shaking her head slowly. I stormed past her. 

A couple of hours later, a passer-by found the man dead on the sidewalk. I knew it wasn't me who killed him. It couldn't of been. He was still alive when I left him but your mum was still fuming at me, convinced I was having an affair. The police were called and our next-door neighbour, Mrs McKinley admitted she had saw me beating him up. I was arrested the same day on suspicion of murder. 

Your mother pleaded against me in court. I was found guilty of murder of Ryan Wellington, the homeless man on the street. 

She knew I hadn't killed him but she didn't care. She's the reason I'm here.


It's OK though, Ruby, I'll be out of here soon and I'll be back home with you. 

You're my lighthouse.

I love you. 


From your loving Father

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