The Lighthouse

My entry for the picture prompt of the month :D Hope you like it...


1. My Dearest Daughter Ruby

My dearest daughter Ruby,

The last time we saw each other, you were barely five years old. I watched you dance across the freshly mowed garden in your flowery white summer dress which I knew wouldn't stay white for long. I watched your bare feet hit the green grass as you ran, your hair blowing behind you in the soft breeze, your screams of laughter and joy as you played.

You were so innocent. You didn't see the police cars mount our driveway. You didn't hear the drowning siren as they surrounded our house. You didn't hear your mothers screams as they dragged me away. You didn't notice the fear and confusion on my face as they bundled me into the back of the car. 

You played in the garden for two hours that day before you realised I had gone. 

I was trialled the next day for murder and taken by ship over to the one place which I prayed they wouldn't send me. The Island. You're probably too young to know about it because you were just a kid at the time of its creation but The Island was a piece of isolated land created by the Government for high class convicts, deadly species and everything that the government felt were a threat to the people.

Being sent to The Island was like a death sentence. A prison with no escape. The island is entirely made out of rock with endless tunnels and caves that run throughout it. There's one wooden building in the centre of the island with a small lighthouse that shines dimly. I guess they thought there wasn't a point wasting good electricity on bad people. 

Seagulls are the only birds who dare to fly near the island and they constant circle it, hundreds of them at one time. The waters surrounding the island are ice cold and teeming with salt, inviting people to jump in but guaranteeing a certain painful death. Unidentifiable animals lurk in the waters, darting around and surfacing rarely to remind any escapees that there is no hope. 

I used to love beaches, watching the ripples and waves kiss the sandy coast. Watching the bright, setting sun meet with the horizon of the ocean. No ships in sight just nature's beauty.

The ship that brings people here is automatic meaning it's set course is The Island and if you feel the urge to jump off on the way, the government don't care, the water will get you before they will. I've thought about boarding the automatic board at times but the coast where the boat sets off from is guarded by military. Any sign of life that returns on that boat is shot dead. 

I was lucky in a sense. I found a small cave just behind the lighthouse that no one has ever stumbled across yet. In the depths of the cave is my newly-found home. I haven't emerged from here in five years. Only twenty more years left and then I'll be back. 

There's no parole, no getting off here, even if you survive the twenty five years, they assume you haven't and don't bother coming for you. But I'll find a way. I should of given up all hope of returning to you by now but I haven't. I am inspirited everyday by the thought of you. I know someday I will return to you my dear Ruby and when I do it will be the happiest day of my life.

Unlike the dim lighthouse that shines on the island, you are my shining star. You are my light that guides me to hope.

You're my lighthouse.

I love you.


From your loving Father.

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