The Lighthouse

My entry for the picture prompt of the month :D Hope you like it...


5. My Dearest Daddy

My Dearest Daddy,

You'll probably never receive these letters but I want you to know I love you with all my heart.

I would of loved to meet you regardless of what Mum says. The last time I saw you, I must of been five years old. I can't remember much just that you were with us one day then gone the next. Mum said you left us but I know that can't be true. You would never leave me. I know it. Mum said you didn't love us anymore and that's why you left but I know she's lying. 

I turned eleven yesterday and Mum bought me a Countries of the World book because she knows I love geography. Inside, there's 3D maps and samples of rock from actual rivers and places in the world. One of the places is this cool, mysterious island called The Island. It was created fifteen years ago to hold dangerous convicts, murderers and bad people. It's surrounded by a salt sea and rains everyday all year. There's no escape and barely a chance of survival.

Can you believe the government would be cruel enough to create something like that?

I told Mum about it and she took the book from me saying I shouldn't be reading about stuff like that even though she bought me the book. I don't know what her problem is. 

Anyway, we're going to a school trip to the beach which always reminds me of you. Mum says you loved beaches. This beach has got a port and a lighthouse and we get to go up the lighthouse! 

It's going to be so good. I really hate it here with mum but the hope that you are coming back for me keeps me sane. 

You're like my lighthouse, I guess, guiding me to hope.

I love you Daddy.


From your dearest daughter Ruby


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