My love

It happend in a seconded and then everything changed to Ashely,and that day she'll never forget who she met Niall Horan


1. one hot day

"Ashely can you go and buy some food pls? " mom asked me," yes mom,I'll go a few more minutes" well the truth is that I don't have the power to go to the market even that he is 2 buildings from my home I'm too lazy for that,but after few minutes mom told me to go and she was very angry at me soo I had to go.
I went to the market and I heard screams......very strong was wired!!!!after a few minutes I heard them next to the market and I kept buying the food.the market was empty and I got bored soo I started to dance like an idiot and I didn't see what was behind me and I ran into him and my food fell on the floor so I immediately came to pick up the food and the person I encountered helped me pick up the food,and we both said at the same time for forgiveness,then I started laughing and I saw him!!!!it was Niall Horan from one direction I was in shock I could not get a word out of my mouth cause I looked into his eyes all the time.they were bluer than the sea! These were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!!!!! And his mouth....his mouth was so sexy!!!! I think I almost passed out through his fingers.but he noticed I looked at him and he started to blush he was soo cute and when our eyes collided there was a silence.....
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