Dragons and Faieries

Nineteen year old Laela has a guardian and a pet. A Faiery and a Dragon. Hozal and Depin have looked over and gaurded Laela through her life, guiding her through her dangerous action pack life. Going to school though has never seemed scarier. Until she meets Cyledare. He is her perfect other half, until he's tortured, in front of Laela. The gaurdian and pet are the only people that can help her.


1. My gaurdian and pet.

'Laela, nineteen and is a girl for action. We can't let her go off herself.' Said a small voice, in the darkness of a forest. a muffled snort followed the voice.

'I know we can, but she could hurt herself. As her guardian, I must protect her. You, her pet, could of stayed at home.' A soft white glow glided through branches and over puddles. A larger shape gave silent stomps as he followed. The glow stopped and made a shushing noise. The large shape stop and rolled it's eyes. The glow was a Faiery followed by a dragon. A beautiful shade of purple and it had red eyes. His talons, lilac like nail polish, were speckled in dirt from the forest floor.

'I think I hear her.' The Faiery said, holding her wand out.

'Kesspit.' She murmured, making  Laela appear. She had dark brown hair, long, straight and knee length, flowing behind her, her long white dress held up to her knees. The Faiery sighed and followed her wand. The dragon sagging behind, bored with the experance. Laela, on the other hand, didn't realize that she was being followed. The Faiery began to get closer, and closer, holding her wand out, like a torch glowwing a path ahead. Then, once closer, the Faiery zoomed ahead and infront of Laela. It's soft white, wavy hair bobbing round her shoulders and her spiket, knee-length dress floating softly. It's face was grave and angry. The dragon came up behind Laela and tapped her back with it's fore-head.

'Depin, can't you leave me to explore?' Depin's face crumbled.

'Not if you want get killed, Laela. Now we must get home.'

'No we don't. Mother won't worry about me. Look you to stay here and I'll go ahead. I'm only going a little further...' Depin's face grew red.

'No, we are going home now!' Depin pionted her wand towards Laela, as it glowed. Suddenly, Laela's eyes shut and she fell. The dragon snorted, a little annoyed.

'Hozal, I had to. Now, lift her onto your back.' He placed Laela onto his back and flapped his wings, and took to the sky Depin not far behind.


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