Love or Death

Life is a choice you either live it or die.


3. Chapter 3

Love or death 
Chapter 3

  Yes, only 5 more minutes till I get out of this place. I'm so excited for tomorrow. I'm going to meet my idols finally! I just can't wait I'm literally screaming my ass of inside. Well I should probably pay attention to the teacher since it is the last day of school.

"Ok class you can start packing your things and head to your lockers. Have a nice summer!" said Mr. Ostrem. 

   I head to my locker when someone grab me by my arm. I turn around and no one was there. I must be seeing things. Then all of a sudden I run into a wall, haha just my luck. Ow that actually hurt a little but I don't care I got to get out of here so I can get ready for tomorrow.......after I talk things over with my mom and him.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Morgan 

"Yeah I'm fine. I was just mentally blind for a moment." I said 

"Mentally blind?" she asked as she raises her eyebrows.

"Don't ask, so uh can I have a ride in your car?" I asked 

"Sure I don't care your my friend why would I say no?" she asked uhhh why does she have to answer my questions with another question!!

"Why would you would you not say no?" I asked as I put everything in the locker into my bag.

"You just fucked my mind!" she said as we walked out the door and got into her car.

"And it felt good!" I yelled while waving my arms up in the air.

"Why are you yelling!?" she yelled back at me.

"Because I'm going to meet my freaking idols!!!!!!!" I yelled

"Ok, ok know need to scream." she said as she turns on the radio.

"Morgan you were the same when you met Blake Shelton so shut yo mouth girl." I said as we pulled into my driveway.

"Hehe true. That was the best day of my life." she said as a huge smile can across her face.

"Well I better go into my house and get ready for tomorrow. Talk to you tonight. BYEEEEE!" I said as I waved.

"Ok, BYEEBYEEEE!" she screamed out the window as she drove away.

"Ok, lets get this talk over with. Thank god David isn't home yet." I mumble to my self as I walk into the house.

"Mom"I called

"Yes hunny." she called back 

"Um I'm going to a consort tomorrow with Ash, Morgan, Grace, and Megan." I said 

"Ok who are you seeing.. Oh wait I already know One Direction right?" she replied.

"Yup!" I said as a smile creeped on my lips.

"Ok but be careful ok." she said as she turns the channel on the t.v.

"Ok, I'm going to go take a shower for tomorrow and get everything ready. Oh and um the girls going to spend the night here tomorrow is that all right?" I asked as I walk up stairs.

"Yeah that's fine like I said be careful." she said.

"Ok!" I yelled from up stairs as I got my clothes out that I'm going to wear after my shower.  Which is just a long shirt and sporty shorts. When I got in the shower I was shivering have of the time because it take for ever to get warm. Finally when I got warm I started cleaning myself while singing. One Direction of course. When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself as fast as I could before the coldness hit me. When I was done drying my body I grabbed a brush and tried to brush all the knots out err I need a hair cut!

"Summer don't blow dry your hair I'm going to give you a hair cut!" mom yelled.

"Ok!" I answered its like she read my!

"Ok, sit here how do you want be to cut your hair?" she asked as she pulled out scissors.

"Surprise me!" I answered as she started to cut my hair off.

"There ya go!" mom said.

"OMG I love it!" I screamed I really do love it as I look in the mirror I smile.

"The hair cut suits you well." she smiled. I looked at all my blonde hair on the floor. I'm going to miss you hair.

"Thanks I like it!" I said as I walked up stairs to my room. Time to tell the girls about my new hair cut.
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