Love or Death

Life is a choice you either live it or die.


2. Chapter 2

   Summers P.O.V//

  When I got on the bus I walked right to my regular seat which is the way back of course. It would take Ashely my friend another 5 mins. To get on the bus so this is my free time to listen to my favorite band One Direction. When i put my ear phones in I started playing More Than This. I dont know why but I love this song, i mustve been singing or something because all of a sudden everybody turn around a look right at me. God, I can't wait till I get to school. Right when I Want started playing my friend Ashley stepped on the bus. Her smile was huge today and it was a real smile usually she fakes a smile when she gets on the bus. When she saw me her smile got even bigger. Shes up to something and im going to find out what that something is.


"What are you up to?" I asked


"Why do you think im up to something?" she responded


"Ash because i know you are upo to something your smile got huge when you looked at me. What did you do now?"


"Ok, im up to something i was going to suprise you but you are too pushy." She said as her smile got even bigger.


"Thank You, I try to be!" I said sarcasticly.


"Ok, I'm going to tell you what i got you ok please don't scream." She chuckled.


"Okayyy." I smiled


"I got One Direction tickets and V.I.P passes adn im taking you to the concert tomorrow!" She said in one breath.


"You got what? OMG! Who is all going!" I said as i try not to scream. I cant believe i understood what she said but when someone say One Direction they have my full attention.


"I'm taking you, Morgan, Grace, and Megan." she said. Yes, shes taking all my BFFs .


"YAY!!"I screamed and then again everyone looked at me i was about to scream 'its not polite to stair so look away." but im to nice to say that.


"Yeah Buddie. So tomorrow ill pick you up at around 3:00." she suggested.


"Yup. i will be ready by then. Oh, do you guys also want to stay over that night?" i said all most in tears. I cant believe im goping to see my idols!


"Yeah sure that will work and i already called the girls they said that they could come." She said i can tell she was thinking the same thing as me.


     THe bus pulled to a sudden stop. YES, were at school i hope i dont get tackled by the girls today the last time they did that Ashley got stepped on my her cousin Derek. Haha that was a fun day Derek stepped on her arm and tripped then made a huge crash in the hallway. Haha I dont know why i find that funny but maybe its because i like seeing Derek in pain he is a jackass. As i walk to my locker i feel like there is a set of eyes on me. i turn around and no one is there but two teachers and Ashley. so i turn back around and there he was Dakota. AHH i hate him and yes hate is a strong word but he is a stalker literally every where i go he goes. even when i ask to go to the restroom he will always be right be in the hall way. i scares me at time hopefully he doesnt know where i live.


"What are you look at?" Ashley says to Dakota in diguise. She doesnt really like him either ever since i moved here in 6th grade he would always follow us girls everywhere.


"Im looking at a sexy girl standing right in front of me." he states as he points at me. God i hate that word "sexy'' really girls dont like to be called sexy they rather be called beautiful.


"Well i am looking at a low life stalker that follows me everywhere. Oh and heres a tip dont call girl sexy." i say. idont like to me mean to people but i cant help it with him he is just so annoying.


"Hey gurls!" morgan says As her and the rest of the girls come up to us. We all stair at Dakota he looked at me him those stalkerish eyes and walks away. Now i am releaved.


"Hey are you ready for tomorrow?" Megan say as she tries not to scream.


"YES!" i yell.


"Good because we are going to have a hell lot of time." Grace says as she pulls of the goofiest face ever. we all laugh.


"I cant wait i get to meet my idols finally. if it wasnt for me none of yoyu guys would know about One Direction!" i say as i smile my ass off.


"Hey, if it wasnt for me none of you guys would being meeting them sooooo, yeah." ashley says as she looks at me with her eyebrows up.


"True that!" Morgan says as we walk to our class.


"So, we only have a 3 hour school day?" i ask


"Yup, but i dont get it why dont we just have a full day or no school at all." megan says as we open the door to our class.


   When we walked into the class the whole room was all most cleaned out and the whole class was sitting quietly in there seats. which is highly unusually since we only have 7 girls in my grade so its usually loud because all the boys dont know how to keep there mouths shut.


"Whats going on?" we all asked the boys.


"Nothing why do you ask?" Brandon replies. i smile at him i kinda have a little crush on him.


"well because you guys are siting in your seat like normal people." i stated and the whole class laughs.


"well thank you for stating that we try to act normal but it just doesnt work for us." brandon says as i pass him to go sit in my seat.


"Weres Mr. Ostrem?" ashley asks. Mr. Ostrem is our history teacher and we have him for 3 hours then we get to go home!


"Right!" Mr. Ostrem yells and we all jump.


"Were did you come from?" Morgan asks.


"The door." he states. Everyone laughed. "Ok today we are going to take a test for next year this test will take 3 hours but take your time." He said. "Today is going to be a long day." I huffed.

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