Mother and Daughter

The story of Tessa a 37 year old single mother who is lively, dedicated and loving and her pretty daughter Holly who is like any other 16 year old and think her mother is a embarrassment and thinking of moving out at the age of 18.


1. Mother

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter really loves me. She's all grown up but to me she's still my baby and all I want to do is protect her. My little angel is Holly we look alike she has pretty blonde hair, pale green eyes and a pretty smile. My hair was blonde with silver but I dyed it purple to look less old. I try to act cool and young but it's harder then what it looks like. I want my daughter to think of me as not old not like the other mother's. The old women with grey hair and wrinkly skin who love knitting and tell me to act my age. I mean I'm only 37 that's not very old that is actually very young. I like swimming and dancing. My daughter doesn't introduce any of her friends to me cause she think I will embarrass her.

I promise her I won't but she won't. She always tell's me that I'm a old women. Sometimes I know that its true my skin is becoming all smooth and wrinkly and my eyes becoming dull. A few years ago I believed I was still the same young girl I used to be. No one pays attention to me now, well no one but Harry he's my pal he tells me that I'm still beautiful. I smile and laugh at the compliment. My daughter told me he loved me and I know  that he does. But I'm kind of old to fall in love and it would embarrass my daughter. Also my daughter friend Jack likes me he's all sweet and kind but isn't young for me. He's a really nice guy and kind but I can't love him he even gave me a ring for love.

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