Mother and Daughter

The story of Tessa a 37 year old single mother who is lively, dedicated and loving and her pretty daughter Holly who is like any other 16 year old and think her mother is a embarrassment and thinking of moving out at the age of 18.


2. Daughter

My mother is such a embarassment she tries and looks young and acts young which seems cool but isn't. One of my friends thought my mother was hot and that he liked me. I nearly died of embarrassment. I mean I love my mother I really do but sometimes I wish she acted her age.

I also wished my mother found love with someone. She so needs a guy in her life. But if she married Jack then god that would be bad. I know Jack loves her sometimes I tell him to find someone his own age but he tells me to bug off. He said love can be for any ages. Well then that's like a girl my age dating a 70 year old. Oh that would be horrible I can't even imagine that. 

There's also Adam Hawtt if you don't know who he is then find out. He's the most hottest dude in my school I heard he's dating Amanda Street also known as big chest. She's such a meanie she tosses her blonde hair and bats her blue eyes and hooks her arm around Adam like he's mine back off. One day, Adam will look and see that I'm way prettier than Amanda one day he will.

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