The dragon witch

After Alexander's whole family is killed by dragons, he makes a promise that he will kill every dragon he can find. But when he finds a dragon who is protected by a girl his world is turned upside down. Was he wrong all along about them, or is this mysterious girl lying?


1. 1

The ruins of the colossal castle stood strong in front of Alexander. Some walls and towers had collapsed and bricks littered the ground, but most of it was still standing. It had once been a majestic palace, but after it was attacked and partly destroyed it was abandoned.

The sky above him was grey, and occasionally lightning illuminated the fortress. He walked across a wide bridge which led to the gates. Below him was a dried up river. Rocks stuck up like daggers from the dried up ground.  

With every step he took towards the tall wooden doors he felt rage growing inside him. He pushed them open and took a step inside the pitch black room. The vague light from outside seeped in through the slightly open doors. Weapons lay abandoned on the floor, and furniture had been thrown all over the place.

He cautiously walked towards a room which seemed to be lit and held his sword in front of him. He pressed himself against the wall beside the door opening and carefully looked inside the room. Alexander had found what he was looking for. Inside the room was an enormous ruby red dragon.

It had two horns on the front of his head, and his mouth was quite long. Its had smooth shimmering scales, and its tail was gracefully moving side to side. The dragon lay upon a mountain of jewels, gold, silver, and other treasures. Around the treasure was a circle of fire. The flames were tall and licked the dragon, causing its body to catch on fire, but the dragon didn't seem to notice. The dragon was sound asleep and seemed peaceful. This was the perfect moment to kill it.

He was determined to destroy this dragon. He would do it for his family, who were all killed by the same vicious creatures. He had promised himself that he would kill every dragon in his path. He slowly walked along the wall to the other side of the room so that he could see the front of the dragon, but that was when he saw her.

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