The Answers to the mythical creatures

Jenna loves anything about mythical creatures. Her family go on a camping trip, and she starts seeing.... things. Little people with wings wandering about the trees, scaly tails, all like ghostly visions. She'd seen them before, but never said. One night after getting lost in the last of the sun's rays, she sees more of these visions, but each becomes more solid and less transparent and Jenna start to wonder, what if they're real? And when she follows one off the edge of a cliff, she dosen't fall, but finds herself transported to an identical world to hers with one tiny, minute difference. Magic and mythical creatures.


2. Cliff Edge

"Thats IT!" Jenny screamed. "I cannot bare another moment in this car!" She paused. "I'll walk!" Everyone turned round to look at her smugly. "We're already here." Jenny sat thinking about how horrible this holiday was, and she hadn't gotten out of the green rustbucket as Jenny called it. She was once upon a time a sweet kid. Then when people realised how annoying she found interuptions when reading, and altogether put a stop to the sweet little Jenny. Jenny then retreated to the magical world in her books and came out only then.

Lots of trees. Healthy green grass. Lichen everywhere. She sighed, the place was perfect. After helping put up the tent and eating her dinner (cold chicken and sweetcorn), she took a walk, and introduced herself to the trees. "My name is Jenny. No, I am not mad talking to the trees. I come from a medium sized family, 2 adults, 2 twins, a weird 14 year old and me." She sat down on a rock and looked about her. Jenny squinted in to the now shadowy darkness. There it was. A little bit a fabric flying momenteraly then dissapearing. Then a serpents tail, slithered behind a nearby rock. She stood up, ready to back away. Jenny had seen these things before.


Thats when she saw the figure. Looking at her. Not as transparent as the others. Jenny ran forward towards.... it. "Who are you?" She whispered. She was going too fast. She had too slow down. The figure was human, but small, but... with wings? The person seemed solid now, and two solid objects can cause injuries. Then Jenny slipped on mud, and  accelerated forward. Towards the person and then.... straight through it. On over a cliff edge. She couldn't breathe. Jenny was sent down in to darkness. Then... light. Golden light. A hole of warmth and joy swalloed me and she was gone. From this world. Straight to another.

Right, for those who may be confused Jenny is not dead! She was in another place entirly the same. Ish. And there was someone standing over me. "Oy lads! Come over and see this! Its a human!" I gasped. "AND YOU'RE A DWARF!"


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