The Answers to the mythical creatures

Jenna loves anything about mythical creatures. Her family go on a camping trip, and she starts seeing.... things. Little people with wings wandering about the trees, scaly tails, all like ghostly visions. She'd seen them before, but never said. One night after getting lost in the last of the sun's rays, she sees more of these visions, but each becomes more solid and less transparent and Jenna start to wonder, what if they're real? And when she follows one off the edge of a cliff, she dosen't fall, but finds herself transported to an identical world to hers with one tiny, minute difference. Magic and mythical creatures.


3. A Short Chapter on Dwarves

Dwarves are extremely talented when working with metal. Jenny saw this when she woke up. She must of fallen asleep. She was in a house of some kind, a croft she supposed. Her mind however was taken over by the sudden realistion of what filled the croft. Metal! Chandiliers that held candles burning low, necklaces and amulets shimmering in the candlelight. Then, swords, axes and shields. Every weapon you could imagine. Suddenly a shaft of light came in to the room, somebody small had opened a door she had not seen. It was a dwarf. He had a plaited brown beard, with matching hair. He wore a brown cloak, a red robe and carried an extremly sharp axe. "The Kings want to see you."

Now, Jenny read many fantasy books. And she had picked up one main fact about dwarves. They have a great dislike against elves. "So, who crafted that sword? It looks like an elvish make." The dwarf growled. "Its an AXE." He replied. "Still, it must of been a vey clever elf." A look of disgust came upon the dwarf's face. He spat on the ground. "Elvish this and elvish that! You humans have no sense whatsoever! This is dwarvish! I am dwarvish! You insult me and my kind, and I would leave you down here to rot if I had the choice! Not only are humans stupid but they are blind to art!" As before said. Dwarves hate elves. "And dwarves have no sense of humor." Jenny mumbled, as loud as she dared. Another dwarf came in. He was younger, and had a merry look about his eyes. The dwarf who had just exploded pushed past the other dwarf, leaving the room. "I wouldn't talk about elves any more, if you wish to keep your head in place." The dwarf said it kindly enough. "We are going to help you home, but when you are gone you will not remember a single bit of this adventure. To stop you blabbing." Jenny nodded slowly. "The time is six in the morning. Luckily for you, the time has stopped back in your world." He smiled. "There is also some bread in the back cupboard. You could take that with you. Though they will have a feast later. If you make a good impression you might be allowed to join all of us. They'll seat you next to the centaurs though. Fair warning." He smiled. "To the court!"

The court was a hall that was quite magical. It adjusted its size so it could fit everyone in. Fairys, Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, Minotaurs, everything was there! The different kinds sat in different sections. Jenny liked the look of some girls, all in green dresses and each held a bow and arrow at the side. On closer inspections...... they were human! "The only humans in this world." The kind dwarf whispered to Jenny. " You sit down over there." He said, pointing to a bench. He walked off to join his kind. A centaur came down from his row, and galloped to centre court. "Let this sesion begin!"

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