The Answers to the mythical creatures

Jenna loves anything about mythical creatures. Her family go on a camping trip, and she starts seeing.... things. Little people with wings wandering about the trees, scaly tails, all like ghostly visions. She'd seen them before, but never said. One night after getting lost in the last of the sun's rays, she sees more of these visions, but each becomes more solid and less transparent and Jenna start to wonder, what if they're real? And when she follows one off the edge of a cliff, she dosen't fall, but finds herself transported to an identical world to hers with one tiny, minute difference. Magic and mythical creatures.


1. Prologue

As civilisation dawned, the end was nigh for those who were of magic. Many dragons, unicorns, elves, dwarves, mermaids, centaurs and fairys evacuated to a sanctuary made by the last earth wizard. Few remined on earth, grounded to the places no yet invaded and polluted by the humans. There was no hope for them.

If the humans destroy the gateway, or get through it-which the wizard proclaimed impossible-the last of the creatures on earth would destroy the places where the most damage had been caused and destroy the humans lifeline. The guilty hearted would perish, and those who could live peacefully beside the other beings would.

But for many a millenia the gate remained peacful, and the humans stayed away from the gate. The humans forgot of the past trajedies and made up scientific explanations to replace the idea of magic in the past. Everyone was happy. Exept for a little girl named Jenny.

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