Hearts for Bullets

Anna lost her brother at the age of 10. Ever since, she's been seeing his ghost. Her parents do not see him, and send her to a mental institution.


3. Start another story.

- “How are you feeling, Anna?” a lady said.

- “I’m feeling lonely.” Anna replied.

- “Lonely?”

- “Yes, very lonely. I miss my parents.”

- “Aha. How long is it you’ve been here?” the lady said and scratched down a few notes.

- “I... I don’t know. I can’t remember.” Anna said and shook her head. “I don’t have a calendar. Nor do I have a clock.”

- “I see. Would you like to have a clock?”

Anna nodded. “Very much.”

- “Aha. You’ve been here for 2 months.” the lady said. “I’ll see if I can get you a clock.”

Anna nodded slowly. “Now, I would like you to keep a diary.” The lady said. “Write down what’s on your mind, how you’re feeling and so on.” she said and handed a little book and a pencil to Anna.

Anna took the book. The lady had written ‘Anna’s diary’ on it. “Before I go, how is it you pronounce it again?”

The lady looked up from her book. “Pronounce what?”

- “That thing you are.” Anna said.

- “Psychologist. I’m here to help you find out why you behave like you do.”

Anna nodded and stood up. “You’re much sweeter than the other doctors, Alice.” Anna said and smiled. “They hurt me.”

Alice sighed. “I’m sorry to hear.” she said. “Now, goodbye until next time. Remember to write in the diary I gave you.”

Anna exited Alice’s office. A man stood outside to take her back to her cell. She sighed, but still followed the man. She held the diary and the pencil tight. She was afraid they were going to take it. That Alice hadn’t informed them.

As they approached the door, Anna slowly dragged herself in through the door. Before the man locked her in for the next long time, Anna looked at him with big puppy eyes. “What time is it, sir?”

The man looked at Anna with a stone face, as they all had. “It’s not important.” he said and slammed the heavy door in Anna’s face.

Saddened Anna sat down on the old bed. It was hard and dusty, yet had she slept on it for 2 months already. Anna looked at the old, dust covered window above the little table. Did Alice really expect Anna to write a diary in such bad lightning? Not only that, Anna was only 11, and could barely spell. Tristan had taught Anna most of what she knew, and with him gone, she didn’t get educated much. She did have a home tutor, but Anna didn’t feel like it helped her much. Anna looked at the little book in her hands. If she wanted to even get out of the hospital, she had to write the diary. She laid the book on the dusty table, took the pen in her hand, and started writing.

Dear diary.

I was asked to rite in this book so my sykologist can see what i feel. I am not very good at english yet but i will try my best.

My name is Anna Lynch i am 11 years old and last year i lost my brother. I have mum called Catherine and a dad called David. I live in Oxford in a big house. My dad has a very good job so we have a lot of money

I can see my brother but everyone keep saying he is dead. I know he is dead but i DO see him! He talks to me and i talk to him. I see his gost. Becus of that my parents send me to a hospital. It is not normal hospital it is a hospital for special peeple like me. I have not met other peeple yet. I have been here for 2 month. I do not now what is rong with the other peeple here but i think they maybe see gosts too.

My sykologist is called Alice and i like her. She is very nice. My other doctors are mean and hit me and touch me bad places. Alice tells me that it is bad what they do and my mummy said i should kick people if they do it but i am scared. I am scared that they will do it even badder.

At this hospital my other doctors give me pills and put needles in my arms. A doctor even took blood from my arm. The doctors tell me that i am crasi and the things i say they do is stuff my brain makes up becus it is not healthy. I do not undestan when they say my brain is not healthy. Does it mean my brain has a cold?

Anna tried her hardest to write properly, but it was hard, not only because she was young, but also because the light was bad. Before she had a chance to write more, somebody knocked on her door. “Dinner.” a voice said. The little hatch opened and a plate of food was handed to Anna.

She took the food and put it on her little table next to her diary. Even though she ate the food, she didn’t quite understand. What about family? What about eating together? Anna was used to eating with her parents at 6 PM. She had never eaten alone.  Also, Jeanette cooked them delicious meals every day. Jeanette was the kitchen lady, who lived in the room just down the hall from Anna’s room. Now, Anna had to eat barely cooked potatoes and old meat.

Anna finished the plate, and pushed it aside. She looked around the small room. It had gotten dark without her even noticing. She laid down in the bed, pulled the sheet over her head, and tried to fall asleep. The bed was hard, and it wasn’t easier to fall asleep than it had been the last 2 months. As she twisted and turned in the bed, she heard a noise. Anna froze in position, and listened carefully. It was a cry. It came from the inmate in the room next to her. It was loud and almost painful to listen to. Anna tried to ignore it, but it was hard. The girl hammered the big door to the room, crying out about how she was not insane, and how she had to go home. Anna started feeling uncomfortable. After a while, a man shouted she should shut up, or she would regret it. The girl stopped immediately. Anna didn’t understand what he meant about “regret it”. Anna slowly knocked the wall to the girl’s room. “Are you all right?” she said, yet silent enough to not be heard from the hallway.

“I’m not okay. I want to go home.” the girl cried silently back. “Who are you, and why do you care?”

Anna felt sorry for her. “My name is Anna. I’m 11 years old.” she informed. “I heard you cry.”

- “I’m Erica. I’m 13 years old.” the girl whispered. “You’re new here I suppose?”

- “Yes. I’ve been here for 2 months. What did the man mean about regret?”

- “He... Uh... You don’t want to know. I’ve been here for 2 years now. It’s not a paradise, and you don’t get better.”

Anna was a little chocked. “What do you mean?” she asked confused. “They say you’ll get better.”

- “They promise that, but it’s all a lie!” Erica said. “All the syringes and pills are just the beginning. It’ll get much worse!”

- “How about Alice?” Anna asked. “Is she okay?”

Erica sighed loudly. “She is... alright. She is the only one you can trust.” she then said. “She’s not mean. She’s the only female doctor. Tell her everything that happens. Don’t tell any other doctors.”

- “I understand.” Anna said. “Well, goodnight. I hope you get out soon.”

- “You too.”

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