Hearts for Bullets

Anna lost her brother at the age of 10. Ever since, she's been seeing his ghost. Her parents do not see him, and send her to a mental institution.


4. 4 o'clock

Dear diary.

A few days ago i heard a girl scream. It was scary. I knockt on the wall to her room and we talked a little. Her name is erica and she is 13 years old. She has been here for 2 years so she has been here since she was 11 just like me. She talked about mean doctors and that alice was the only good one. It made me scared.

Today i have to talk to doctor eves. He scares me. I do not know why i do not like him but he is scary. He looks at me funny and always touch me. I do not know what he is going to say to me today but i am scared.

Yesterday erica said something about the full moon and lunitics. I do not know what a lunitic or lunisi is but i do not think it is good. She said that every full moon the people here start doing strange things. I am scared that i am a lunitic too. Erica said that people wake up in the middle of the night and some start screaming. I am very scared. I hope i will be alright.

I have not eaten good food in a long time. All i have eaten is hard potatoes and cold meat. It does not taste good. I wish jeanette was here. She always makes good food. She also used to play with me and tristan when we were little. I feel so lonely now.

Suddenly Anna heard a knocking on her door. “Anna? It’s me, Dr. Eves.” a soft, yet evil voice said.

Anna quickly closed her diary and hid it under her blanket. The door opened slowly. “Hello, Anna. It’s time for our session.” Dr. Eves said. Anna’s heart pounded fast as the tall man approached her. “Come on dear.”

The man took Anna’s hand. His hands were cold, yet his palms were sweaty. His fingers were long and his nails were unkempt. Anna didn’t like him. He was tall and lanky and made Anna uncomfortable. Dr. Eves walked Anna through the hospital, down to his office. His office was clean, and he had new furniture. Being in it, made Anna think about just how little the hospital actually cared for their inmates.

Anna sat down slowly. The chair was soft, unlike any of the stuff in her room. “Now, Anna. How are you feeling?” Dr. Eves asked.

Anna looked at him across the desk. His hair was greasy. “I’m... Uuh... I’m feeling...” she started.

“It’s okay.” Dr. Eves said. “I understand you’ve talked to Alice?”

Anna nodded. “Yes. Yes I have.”

Dr. Eves scribbled down a few notes. “Now. I am here, to make you feel better.” he said. “What would you like to change?”

- “I... I don’t know.” Anna said slowly.

- “Darling, Anna. You have to tell me what’s wrong, otherwise we’re unable to help you.”

- “I don’t know!”

Dr. Eves sighed. “Okay, Anna...” he said and stood up. He opened a drawer and pulled out a small container. “I want you to take this pill.”

Anna shook her head. “I don’t like taking pills.” she said.

- “You have to take the pill! It will make you feel better!” Dr. Eves swore.

- “But I do not like them.”

- “Anna, take the pill!”

- “No, I don’t want to!”

- “Take the pill, Anna!”

- “No!”

- “Take the bloody pill!!” Dr. Eves yelled and stuck to fingers in Anna’s mouth, forcing it open. He dropped the pill down Anna’s throat. “It will make you feel better, I swear...”

Anna started feeling drowsy. “I-uh... I don’t feel... Feel... better...” she moaned. “I ffff... Feel... wh... whh...” she managed to moan, before she passed out on the floor.

When she woke up, she was in her room. She felt weird and drowsy. Her body was hurting all over. She slowly opened her eyes. Her room was dancing around before her eyes. She was dizzy, and couldn’t focus. She pulled out her diary from under her covers, but dropped it on the floor. She felt tired, yet awake. Her eyes were heavy, and it was hard to keep them open. Anna twisted and turned on the hard mattress. It was painful no matter how she lay. She shed a few tears, but tried to stay silent. After a while, she had regained consciousness, but her vision was still a little cloudy. She slowly knocked the wall to Erica’s room. “Erica... Are you there?” she whispered.

Erica knocked back. “I’m here.” she replied.

- “What kind of pills is it that Dr. Eves gave me?” Anna asked. “I feel so weird...”

- “Don’t ever take them again!” Erica said determined. “They make you pass out. And when you’re not awake he...”

- “He what?”

- “He... Uh... You shouldn’t know... Just, don’t take them...”

- “He forced them down my throat...” Anna replied. “And... my body hurts so bad!”

Erica sighed. “There’s... Not much you can do...” she said. “But... Just... It’s late. Dinner is coming soon. Eat it, and go to sleep. It’s going to be a full moon, and it will be a hard night.”

Anna didn’t quite understand, yet, was completely clear of what was going on. “Okay...” she whispered.

Just as Erica had predicted, not much later it knocked on the door, and dinner was served. It wasn’t much more sensational than the other days. Dry potato mash and some green beans. Anna slowly ate the boring food. She looked out the window. Erica was right. It was a full moon. Even though it wasn’t clear through the dirty window, it was definitely there. What was this... Lunacy? What was going to happen? Was Anna in danger? She was scared, but still went to bed. She hadn’t much choice. She hid under the blanket, and wrote a few notes in her diary before going to sleep.

Dear dairy.

Hello again. I am not all done. It is night and i am just about to go to bed. I am still concerned about lunisi but i have to take the chance. I have to sleep. I am very tired. No matter what if going to happen tonight i hope that i will not die and that i feel good tomorrow.

Love Anna.

She laid the diary on the table and turned a few times in the bed. Her body was still hurting. She had a very hard time falling asleep, and it eventually took a few hours before she finally fell asleep.


Anna woke up at in the middle of the night. She was expecting the hospital to be quiet, but there seemed to be a lot of noise. People were screaming, crying and slamming the doors begging to be released. Some people were laughing crazily, some were talking to themselves and some were going from laughing to crying in just a few seconds. Anna had no idea what was going on. Or why she had woken up for that matter. She heard some silent weeping from Erica’s room. Anna knocked on the wall. “Erica, what’s going on?” she asked. “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be scared.” Erica replied, still weeping silently. “Be strong! Fight the demons inside you!”

Demons? What was Erica talking about? “I’m so scared!” Anna cried.

“Don’t cry!” Erica said. “If you do, they’ll just give you more pills and shots!”

Anna understood her weeping friend. She stopped crying immediately. She had already experienced Dr. Eves scary pills, and definitely didn’t want more. Was all this... Crying and screaming... Was it lunacy? Were all those girls lunatics? What was going on? Anna was still confused. How did it happen? It didn’t happen all the other days. She had been here 2 months already, and there was a full moon every month. But it hadn’t occurred before. Or had it? But Anna had just slept from it? She had no clue.

“Erica, why has this never happened before?” she asked.

“It’s lunacy. It’s the moon.” Erica replied. “It happens every month. You just haven’t noticed it. You have only been here for 2 months. You weren’t affected before, because you simply weren’t insane enough.”

Insane enough? Didn’t they treat Anna for insanity? Not... make her more insane? It was all so complicated. But all Anna could do, was wait. Wait for the screams and laughter to end, so she could go back to sleep. And hopefully never experience lunacy again.

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