Hearts for Bullets

Anna lost her brother at the age of 10. Ever since, she's been seeing his ghost. Her parents do not see him, and send her to a mental institution.


1. Prologue

”Come on Anna!” Tristan yelled. Anna came running after her big brother, but her small legs couldn’t carry her as fast as his could. Tristan stopped to wait for her. “You’re older than I am, it’s unfair!” she whined.

- “Ah, come on Anna! Don’t be such a cry baby!” Tristan said mockingly.

- “I’M NOT A CRY BABY!” she yelled.

Anna caught up with Tristan. “Oh no, you’re all dirty.” he said and lifted Anna up from the ground. “Mum isn’t going to be happy!”

Anna started crying. “I don’t want to get in trouble!” she cried.

Tristan laughed a little. “Calm down.” he said and wiped the tears from Anna’s face. “Do you want to keep playing?”

Anna looked at her brother. “Why would I want to stop?” she asked and smiled.

Tristan smiled back. “I want to climb that tree!” Anna said and pointed at a big tree in the backyard.

Tristan placed her in the tree, and climbed up self. “Tristan?” Anna said.

- “Yeah?” he said and looked at his little sister.

- “Will you stay with me forever?”

- “Don’t you think you can take care of yourself when you grow up?” Tristan laughed.

- “NO!” Anna yelled. “I can’t live without you!”

Tristan laughed a little. “You’re a big girl, you don’t need my help.”

“Yes I do!” Anna said and pouted.

Tristan laughed at his little sister and climbed higher up in the tree. “Where are you going?” Anna asked. “I want to go too!”

Tristan just climbed higher. He glimpsed down at his little sister, who was still stuck on a branch, unable to climb higher. “Just stay there, you’re not old enough to climb this high!” he mocked.

Anna pouted. “You meanie!” she said and looked up at Tristan. “LOOK OUT!” she suddenly yelled.

“Look out for wha-“ Tristan started, but was cut off, as the branch he had just grabbed, snapped under his weight. Tristan fell 5 metres, continuing 20 more down the hill below him, only to hit a tree full-speed.

Anna jumped from the tree, running down the hill to her big brother. “TRISTAN!” she yelled, as she fell over her own feet down the hill, tumbling all the way to the end.

Anna rose from the mud, and ran for her brother. “Tristan?” she asked. He didn’t respond. “Tristan?!” she said, and shook him. Still no response.

Anna started to cry. “Tristan, wake up!” she cried. “It’s not fun anymore!”

But Tristan didn’t move a centimetre. Anna started screaming desperately in the little forest behind the house. “Wake up!” she whispered desperate, and buried her face in Tristan’s shirt. “Please.”

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