Hagrid's tale

Tribute to the forgotten hero of Harry Potter; Rubeus Hagrid.


2. France

So Hagrid moved into the palace of Beauxbatons with Madame Maxime. There they spent every single second of their life together; and Hagrid could not have been more displeased. He was seriously considering taking as drastic action as shaving his beard to express his despair outwardly when she fell pregnant. If anything, Hagrid thought she did it on purpose, just to bring them closer. He spent as much time as possible caring for the Beauxbatons' horses, grooming them until their coats shone; which they literally did. He had given them potions which made them luminescent. See, this is what happens when grown half-giants have too much time on their hands. 

"Olympe, I'm just dropping by to see Harry." 

"Of course, my dear. I will see you later." He shut the door as she finished speaking, fleeing down the halls as fast as he could be bothered to go. Night was just falling - the perfect time to head out on the motor bike. He had already clipped on the side carrier, just in case he and Harry decided to go out. Then again, him and Ginny were getting pretty serious now. Hagrid wondered if he felt the same as him. He doubted it. Harry and Ginny were soulmates. 

The wind rushed through his wild locks of hair that framed his face and chin, his eyes streaming from the smoggy clouds that had recently covered the palace of Beauxbatons as winter fast approached. Hagrid pulled down his leather riding goggles and he pushed on higher and faster, revving the engine without fear of being heard by Muggles.

It was a matter of hours before Harry's house pulled into view, the street iced with a blanket of snow, making the houses look like giant cakes - or perhaps he was just hungry, and imagining such references to food.

"Harry," Hagrid called. "It's me." Kreacher appeared from behind the door.

"Grotesque one. Password?" He uttered it and Kreacher bowed, allowing him in. He couldn't help but ponder how lax Harry was letting security be. After all, even though Voldemort wasn't alive, there was still crazy radicals. "Master Potter, t'is the big, hairy one."

"Thanks, Kreacher." Harry raced down the stairs, straight into his massive arms. His chin was stubbly, and Hagrid instantly saw him as competition. He thought he was miles in the lead after Dumbledore dropped out of the race. 

"Eh, you growing a beard?"

"No, just haven't been sleeping well." His hand brushed his forehead, where his distinctive scar still shined.

"It'll get better soon. Ginny around?" He glanced around the unkempt house, and doubted very much she'd allow it to deplete into this level of mess.

"She's playing matches."

"Still with the Holyhead Harpies?" Harry nodded. "Why aren't you with her, boy?"

"Business." Hagrid nodded. While Harry's job as an auror was no secret, his work was confidential.

"So." Hagrid stepped further into the house, his boots leaving massive muddy prints on the littered floor. It hadn't been dusted in days.

"Ginny's playing her final match at the Quidditch world cup next weekend. I'm heading down there on a business trip anyway and was wondering if you wanted to come along. You know. Get the old gang back together. Besides... I'm planning on proposing."

"Ma'am Maxime's pregnant."

"Really? Congratulations, old friend!" He hugged him and slapped his back, his grin stretching his prematurely lined face. 

"I'm not happy Harry. Not happy at all." They entered the living room and sat on two battered sofas - after sweeping off half-eaten paper plates of food and empty cans. 

"Come back to Hogwarts! You can always stay with us until you get back on your feet. We aren't here most of the time anyway!"

"I would, Harry, I honestly would, but what with the baby on the way and all." Hagrid fiddled with a piece of dragon heart which had tangled itself in his beard at some point during dinner. 

The evening passed quicker than Hagrid would have liked, so he settled for consuming all of the alcohol in Harry's cupboards until he had nothing to do but return home to his wife with his tail between his oversized legs.

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