One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


8. Where were we?

I gasped as I walked in through the front door. It looked so smart, so serene. There wasn't anything laying about. It looked a little like my house, only without the books. His hand in mine, he led me upstairs into the third room on the right.

It was his bedroom.

There was a microphone and a stand, guitar, desk with music and song sheets spread across it. But most of all, there was a huge round bed in the middle, by the window that Louis had just thrown himself onto. He beckoned for me to get on too. I dumped my bag and climbed on. He helped me as I nearly fell over what I presumed were his pyjamas. I giggled as I landed ungracefully next to him. He laughed too. Our eyes met again.

"Now where were we before we got so rudely interrupted?" Louis asked leaning closer and closer to me.

I looked deeply into those mysterious eyes of his as he joined our lips with a single touch. I was no longer in his bedroom, but flying through the air, soaring! One of his hands was on the back of my neck the other wrapped around my waist, getting lower. I had no idea where I was meant to put my own hands. I had one messing up his hair whilst I also stroked his back with my other hand. We kissed for a couple of minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime of happiness to me.

To be continued.............................................

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