One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


6. My Dad Meets the Guy

It was 6:00 according to my alarm clock. I sat up groggily and groaned at my aching back. It was a consequence I got from reading all night. I rubbed my neck that was also moaning at me to straighten it. I got up completely and ran downstairs into the kitchen. Looking throught the cupboards I found a box of Cheerios and pored them into a bowl, I added milk and chomped on the tasty cereal. I washed the bowl and spoon up.

Running back upstairs into the bathroom I cleaned my teeth and scrubbed my face with my flannel. I went back into bedroom and flung my wardrobe doors wide open. I rummaged through my clothes, finally settling on a white vest top, black chinos and a shiny red scarf with white polka dots on wound through the belt loops. I put a straw hat on my head and found a matching bag wear a threw in: a book, my sunglasses, a purse full of cash and my trusty phone. I looked at myself in the mirror. Shoot! I had to do my make-up and hair! I looked at my hair. It was in pretty weak curls. I'll leave it like that. I thought to myself smiling. I didn't know what kind of make-up to put on. I settled for some waterproof mascara and pale pink lipstick. That would do, seeing I'm a novice at this sort of thing! My alarm clock now read 8:00. One hour to wait! I sat reading The Secret Garden until I heard the screeching of wheels and the honk of a horn. I rushed down the stairs.

"I'll be back by dinner! Love you!" I yelled up the stairs opening the door, seeing a fancy smanchy sports car parked on the road outside my house. I fanned myself with my hand and ran down the front steps to the door of the car. Louis opened the door from inside and I climbed in.

My dad in his navy dressing gown came down to the front door.

"Marilla! Where are you going?" My dad demanded watching my head disappear inside the car. Louis not realising the commotion he would make opened up the drivers door and got out to meet my dad.

"Hello sir. I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm taking your daughter out to watch a movie with me." Louis said

"A movie! Not in this weather! You should go to a country park, or the book convention." My father said his voice stern. I had just got out to here his last comment. I put my hand over my face in embarassment.

"Dad! Movie tickets cost money! And you can't get a refund!" I protested

"That should have been thought about! Now you're either going to that book convention yourselves, or I'm taking you. Your choice." My dad said rasing his head loftily.

I growled in frustration and gave in.

"He's going to make us go. Isn't he?" Louis asked

I nodded my head in a sad way.

"That's fine with me sir!"

With that Louis took my hand and led me off in the direction of the book convention. As we turned the corner of my street we both collapsed in heaps of giggles. We finally stopped and walked on.

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