One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


7. How about the cafe?

We got to the end of the street before the entrance to the book convention when Louis' grip on my hand tightened as his face grew pale. I watched his eyes focus on the book convention. I laughed but saw he was serious. Was he really scared of going to a book convention?

"Are you alright?" I asked a little bit worried

"How about the cafe instead?" Louis responded looking hopeful that we wouldn't have to go to the scary book convention!

I laughed "Sure! Why not."

We walked back round into the town square and sat down at the first cafe we came to. We looked at the menu and ordered what we wanted. Louis grabbed my hand that was resting on the table. He stroked the back of it caringly with his thumb as we waited for our food. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. His hand went further up my arm. We were having a moment. Suddenly we were interrupted by the waiter who was laying plates out in front of us and brought back to the real world. We gave each other a small smile and looked at the plates in front of us. They had got us mixed up with another table. I had a steak. And I am vegetarian! I looked in disgust at the plate of baking cooked meat and stared at Louis to do something. Louis groaned when he saw what had happened, and he didn't even know I was a vegetarian. He called the waiter over who was busy polishing some silverware.

"This isn't our food." He said frowning at the balding waiter gesturing at the steaming plates. The waiter frowned back and took them away, grunting as he did so. Louis got up and pulled his jacket on, his frown not disappearing.

"Where are you going?" I asked, honestly confused. Stnading up as well.

"I'm not hanging around here where they can't even get our order right." Louis said looking at me in a way that made me move closer to him and touch his arm. He smiled at me and touched my cheek with his soft brown finger. 

"So where are we going?" I asked lookingly longingly into his eyes.

"We can go back to my place." Louis said, leaving a tenner on the table. He took my hand and we left the cafe, running down the street and into a couldesack. I observed the just larger then average sized houses with interest as Louis led me into the big white one in the centre.


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