One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


4. Cat and Mouse

I walked back in to make sure I didn't miss the opputunity to get some shopping done at last. I walked around and found a cute pair of brogues that I bought. I looked through racks and racks of dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, shorts. I found a smart blue dress that was pleated at the bottom and a coral blazer to wear with the dress. I also managed to pick up matching blue pumps and coral feather earrings. I loved coordinating outfits! Sad, I know.

I sat down on a bench and gulped down half a bottle of water. A boy, probably the same age as me, sat down next to me. He was wearing a wide brimmed straw hat and grampa sunglasses. I sniggered quietly. The rest of his outfit seemed fine. I was looking at him out of the corner of my eye. He was doing the same. Our sneaky gaze met and I turned away quickly. I was frozen, like I had just come out of a freezer. It was his turn to laugh. I thought about my theory earlier. Could this be one of the boys? I stood up and walked though the long winding pathways that lead all-over the multi-storey shopping centre. I looked behind me, he was following me! I panicked. I got to the girls toilets and just as I was centimetres from the door veered off, leaving him stumbling into the door. I watched him, my eyes dancing with glee! But then he came out. I looked around looking for an escape. I stalked off, him close on my tail. I couldn't help laughing at my own stupidity. We were having a cat and mouse chase around a shopping centre! I stopped and turned around. He was so close our chests were almost touching. We both opened our mouths to speak but stopped when we saw the other was going to. He gestured for me to speak. I opened my mouth but no words came out. I tried again this time I succeeded.

"Who are you? Why are you following me? And do I know you?" I blurted.

He looked a bit taken aback but regained himself.

"Well... I'm Louis Tomlinson, I'm following you because I think you're pretty. And you might know me..." He paused, then thought better of it. "AYou don't know me." He looked at me, as if he were begging for my mercy.

I laughed. "Hmmm!" I put my hand across my face thinking how silly I had been.

"Oh, well, I'll be off then. But tell me, what's your name?" Louis asked

"Marilla, well, Rilla. Or Rilly, Rills, Maz..."

"Ok.... Nice to meet you Rilla." He smiled and just before he walked off gave me a scrap of paper. At first I thought it was a joke. But it was a number, his number.

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