One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


5. Call me Maybe

I went home and locked myself in my bedroom. I took out my mobile phone and typed in his number. I listened to the phone ring. He picked it up. I held my breath

"Hello?" He asked

I didn't speak.

"I'm putting the phone down now."

"Why did you give me your number?" I asked suddenly hit by a burst of adrenline

"Who is this? Is that you Rilla! Oh my gosh it is you !" Louis exclaimed.

"Yeah it is me!"

"So what did you ask again?"

"Why did you give me your number?"

"Well, why did you phone me up?"

I cursed down the phone and he laughed at me.

"So?" I asked

"I think you're pretty. I told you before. I want to see you again. Tomorrow?"

I gasped at it. He thought I was pretty, he wanted to see me again.

"Erm... Let me just check." I told him looking at my calendar.

"I'm free! Where do you want to meet?"

"Can I pick you up? And then the movies?"

"Erm... OK. You're going to need my address." I giggled ,girly, I know.

"Yes, I do indeed!" I could feel him smiling down the phone.

"Well it's 25 Georgdon Street, the road next to the petrol station."

"I know that road! I'll be there tomorrow for 9?"

"Yeah. Sounds good."

He hung up. My ear was still pressed to my mobile. I could hear his voice swimming in my head. I smiled and started singing to the new song Call Me Maybe. I might not be hip but I do know about the latest songs.

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