One Direction: The Summer I Met Them

Marilla (nicknamed Rilla) is an ordinary girl, and one who hasn't caught One Direction fever.But one summer she meets one of the boys on the beach and is whisked away in a summer romance. But will she discover who he really is?


12. An unexpected guest!

"Mum! Dad! I'm back!" I call loudly after pulling my key harshly out of our sticking lock. No reply. They must have gone out. My mum had said we had visitors the other day yet there hadn't been any. I was a bit puzzled over this still but then again my mum is always being weird. I found a note on the table. It read:

"Rilly dear, me and your father have gone out for a bit and probably won't be back till late, make yourself dinner and feed our guest in my office. Love mum xxx"

I picked it up and scrunged it up. I thought what it had said. I uncrumpled it and stared at the words. "feed our guest in my office" what was that meant to mean? I took the key off the hook and pushed the paper deep into my pocket folds. It probably wouldn't see the light of day again. I twisted the key gently in the lock to the office and tried to see in through the frosted glass. The door opened with a creak and I walked in. On my mother's unusually clean desk was a bright green metal cage with a rabbit in! It had caramel coloured fur with one white sock. I stared at it for a minute, whilst it twitched it's nose at me. I ran out and sat on the sofa before my mind went into hyperdrive and I passed out. I sat down and thought things through. I had a phobia of rabbits, the way their nose twitches and their eyes look at you wherever you are in the room. An their ears are so incredibly long, it seems unnatural. I gulped. I hadn't told my parents about my phobia, I thought they would laugh at me. Well, I had to feed it still. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean I'm a monster and would let it starve.

I slowly walked into the kitchen trying not to make a noise as I passed the office. I could see it's silohouette through the glass. My heart pumping I quickened my pace and finally allowed myself to breathe again when I made it to the kitchen worktop. I pulled open the fridge door and found what I was looking for. Carrots. I took the bag out of the glass draw and took one out. I held it in front of me like a sword to protect me. I neared the door. "You can do it Rilla" I whispered nervously to myself. I pushed the door open slightly and took small steps into the quiet room I neared the cage. I was getting closer and closer. I smiled. This was easier then I thought. Then he looked right at me. I screamed and dropped the carrot, running out of the room, panic clearly written on my face. I sat on the sofa and cuddled behnad a cushion. I was propably scared. What could I do? I couldn't let that...thing starve! Yet I couldn't face it, and I was so scared. I couldn't ask one of the neighbours. They would laugh and spread the word that Marilla Cosden was afraid of rabbits. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach before I thought to myself "Call Louis!"

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